Choose to sleep with fishes while staying at these underwater majesties

You can’t imagine things more thrilling than sharing dinner with sharks and rays or just falling asleep amidst the immersive underwater ecosystem accompanied by the beautiful fishes – in the best possible way. Allow the underwater world to be your host and watch all your cares getting blown away. Staying in underwater hotels or suites is no longer a sci-fi dream, make all your fantasy come true and take a peek at these crazy underwater hotels who not only provide for the incredible underwater thrill but they do it in a commendable luxurious way – from Maldives to Dubai – here’s our list.

Conrad Rangali Island, Maldives

Photo credits: Conrad Rangali Island

Photo credits: Conrad Rangali Island

Barely five hours away by flight, Maldives has plentiful of luxury to host you with. The newest feather to its cap is The Muraka debuted by Conrad’s Rangali Island. Submerged more than 16 feet underwater this luxe suite gives a whole new dimension to sleeping with the fishes. The acrylic walls in the bedroom provide panoramic views of the surrounding ocean. Adding a cherry on the top, the suite also includes personal chef, butler’s quarter, infinity pool, and enough space for nine people to sleep.

Price per night: $50,000 (four-night minimum)

InterContinental Shanghai Wonderland, China

Photo credits: InterContinental Shanghai Wonderland

Photo credits: InterContinental Shanghai Wonderland

Built on an abandoned quarry in Songjiang, the Intercontinental Shanghai Wonderland is truly a sight to behold. This 18-floor majestic building has two floors submerged in water. You can sense the tranquillity while staying in the underwater suites which have their own saltwater aquariums, private balcony and a cozy theatre box where you can watch the underworld dancing in its own rhythm.

Price per night: $15,000

Atlantis, The Palm, Dubai

Photo credits: Atlantis, The Palm

Photo credits: Atlantis, The Palm

Located on the world’s largest man-made island, live your own subaquatic dream in Atlantis The Palm which offers floor-to-ceiling views of the sea in its underwater suites. You can plunge into the picturesque views of the Arabian Sea and make out the fullest of your trip. You can also choose to dine at two underwater restaurants, Poseidon Café and Ossiano. Staying at Atlantis The Palm will take you back in the history where you can experience the sunken city Atlantis.

Price per night: $8,200

Lover's Deep Submarine, St. Lucia

Photo credits: Luxco

Photo credits: Luxco

Imagine a romantic night under the sea where there is no one expect those colourful fishes. This bookable submarine is made especially for couples where you get a double bedroom with an ocean view and a spacious bathroom. The exciting part is you can choose your location whether you want to be surrounded by the coral reefs or be sunken in the red sea. You can even personalize the interiors to add that spark. And most probably you must have guessed it till now, the cost to enjoy the submarine romantic getaway comes at some whopping figures but undoubtedly worth all the splurge.

Price per night: From $230,000

The Manta Resort—Pemba Island, off the coast of Tanzania

Photo credits: The Manta Resort

Photo credits: The Manta Resort

Located on the tropical Pemba Island in Zanzibar, The Manta Resort is definitely taking the underwater experience a notch up. A three-floor suite subtly floats beside a thriving coral reef boasting submerged master bedrooms. View from the window of the suite is breath-taking as you can see the local sea life accompanying you in your extravagant stay.

Price per night: From $1,500

Don’t forget to plan your next vacation beneath the wave. Dive in deep and get accustomed to this kind of experiential stay. After all! You might encounter a mermaid.

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