Soon this London-based hotel will offer you a suite done in half-maximalist, half-minimalist interior

What is your design mantra? Do you like it loud or you rather prefer subtly opulent interiors? While you are confused in your inner struggle of ‘whether to go minimalist’ or ‘to go maximalist’, the world’s first half-and-half hotel suite in London is all set to let you experience the both of both worlds. Being half-minimalist, half-maximalist literally, the suite at The Curtain Hotel in Shoreditch, London is split into two design concepts from the middle which is called ‘So Extra, So Chic’. Co-designed by the celebrity stylist, Johnny Wujek, and minimalist fashionista, Kaitlyn Ham, the suite is better described as the ‘perfect compromise’ between the two poles apart choices and can be the best option for those couples with drastically different preferences. Walk around with us both the corners and decide which side would you choose.

Photo credits: Lonely Planet

So Extra

Designed in a luxurious maximalist way by Johnny Wujek, the ‘So Extra’ half of the suite is for all the chirpy hearts who like everything loud. And no wonder we can guess the extravaganza by the designer itself, who is the powerhouse behind Katy Perry and Mariah Carey’s iconic looks. Just like his style, Wujek has designed the space with opulent furnishings in velvet and marble, monkey lamps, golden ornaments, and luminescent minibar which add a mansion like grandeur to the room. Do have a look at the layered colourful rugs and dramatic wallpaper abstract. Every little detail will hold you with its extraordinariness. Even though you may experience a little ‘extra’ in every aspect, the maximalist half-side doesn’t fail in giving you the ultimate comfy and cosy feel that one inadvertently expects out of a luxury suite.  

Photo credits: Lonely Planet

So Chic

If you are the one who loves clean lines and less-clutter, the ‘So Chic’ half of the suite is your catch. Designed by Kaitlyn Ham, the Australian minimalist fashionista, the space features white leather lounge chair, a plush wool throw, and décor pieces in muted tones. Taking inspiration from modern mid-century design, Ham has designed the area in a way that it makes you feel calm. The ‘So Chic’ area breath in emptiness and is contrasted with pared-back minimalist monochromes, and of course, the lovely duo of white and beige. No matter which of the either side your heart is tilted for, this one-of-a-kind room is surely slated to give you an ultimate experience.  

Photo credits: Lonely Planet

Are you up to discover your vibe? Hurry! Because the suite is available to book until 29th October at without any fuss, so you could easily experience both ends of the minimal, maximal spectrum. Which side of the bed you’ll choose?  

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