If you are looking for an extraordinary tropical vacation, hunt no further!

How do you picture your perfect holiday destination? Maybe in between alluring white sands, crystal blue seas, incredible sunsets, picturesque surroundings, and ultimate peace. And what if we say, you can experience it all at a single destination with some more wellness benefits? The extraordinary Hurawalhi Island Resort in the Maldives ensures that it remains unmissable in the years to come. It won’t be wrong to term this resort as one of the most unique and luxury accommodation offerings in the world – imagine yourself in a giant split-level water villa, with its bottom level set five metres deep underwater. Not only that, but you also get a chance to splurge into the luxury of an underwater bedroom, living room, and most importantly, a panoramic view of tropical marine life. And while you must be already planning to book your tickets, we have got a few more flabbergasting reasons for visiting this tropical heaven.

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Tucked away from the rest of the world

As you take a 40-minute seaplane flight from Male airport, you’ll reach a beautiful oasis in the middle of the Indian Ocean. Surrounded by pristine nature and the kind of blue you can never create, Hurawalhi Island Resort will pull you away from all the hustle. Here, you will have the option to choose from sixty ocean villas and thirty beach villas, each including a king-sized bed, private terraces, and personalised access to the clean waves. If your holiday calls for a celebration, this resort leaves no stone unturned to cater to all your party needs. All meals and alcoholic beverages come included within the nightly rate, also each villa receives a bottle of champagne, access to kayaks, a sunset dolphin cruise, windsurfing boards, yoga classes, and much more. In this all-included package, you will have plenty to explore.

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Your gateway to environment-friendly cause

And while you will be on the cusp of vacation mode, what subtly goes un-noticed is the amount of environment-friendly initiatives the resort does. Hurawalhi Island Resort gives back to the Maldives more than what it takes. It uses solar panels, its own water bottling plant, energy-saving solutions, hot water recovery, and an in-house marine biologist. Its eco-credentials are the finest in the Maldives and in fact, amongst the best in the world. After all, sustainable tourism is a thing now and you’ll be glad to a part of one at Hurawalhi Island Resort.

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Underwater world and water wellness

At Hurawalhi Island, between you and the marine life will be a five-inch-thick glass, while you will be indulged in your gastronomical meal with colourful fishes swimming around you. Interesting as it sounds! But, eating in the company of fishes is not just enough, you can even take a therapeutic journey under the waves when at this resort. The resort has recently started offering an array of water wellness programmes reckoned as ‘One with the Ocean’ program which includes a series of mindful practices, underwater yoga classes, wave meditation, and therapies that induce in the healing power of the ocean.

Photo credits: Hurawalhi

This astonishing blue landscape in the world is not just a destination but a gateway to holistic transformation. Whether you want to escape from that not-so-calm world or you want to attain a sense of harmony, Hurawalhi gives you all in a single package. And of course, the beauty is an unspeakable treasure.

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