From minimalistic treetop mandap to a beach phera setting with a twist, it is all possible with these decor inspirations!

Mandaps are what a trusty lehenga is to a bride - they are an extremely important and pious establishment that'll stay in your memory (and pictures) for a long time. And no, we are not just not talking about sober florals and pinwheels! Not that we don't like florals, we do, but if you are looking to bring your Pinterest dream to reality, then these magical phera settings and mandap decor ideas will surely take your breath away. We have rummaged through social media to bring you the most stunning mandap decor ideas and inspirations that will make your wedding nothing short of a fairytale - think about a floating mystical mandap decor or even a vintage garden themed one. Here are some that we loved and you'll too!

The picturesque mountainside mandap

When Anita Dongre's son, Yash got married to his longtime sweetheart Benaisha Kharas, it was nothing short of a grander celebration. Apart from the fact that their wedding was hosted at the beautiful JW Marriott Walnut Grove in Mussoorie, it was the soothing decor that quickly earned great admirers on Instagram. The mandap, especially, was an ode to the natural beauty of India. The entire decor was highly inspired by the rustic forest and the neighbouring Shivalik mountains, that made the setting even more beautiful. If you are looking for some mandap decor inspiration, then this minimalistic yet rustic decor, complete with florals and warm lights would be ideal. And for the breath-taking backdrop, you must rethink the conventional venues; if beaches could be the trending wedding destinations, why not mountains?

Photo credit: Anita Dongre

Tent mandap with a twist

Fancy a tent as a mandap? Why not? We are not talking about a boho setting but one that will make your intimate wedding an even more special affair. Take some inspiration from the DJ couple Tanvi and Ashrith's mandap that not only had colour contrasting hanging florals but also cascading pearls to give it that classic edge. The dull millennial pink colour, coupled with the vintage decor was such a great upgrade to a canopy tent-like setting. Clearly, our favourite from the lot owing to its fresh concept.

Photo credit: Shaadi Saga

A minimalistic tree top

This is not a mandap. Yes, you read it right, the couple wanted to give a heady upgrade to the quintessential mandap setting and instead, used a tree as their chief canopy! White draped clothes and hundreds of flowers adorned this minimalistic yet rustic setup. Go for this one if you desire something fairytale-like yet very practical and eco-friendly.



Photo credit: Apollo Fotographie

A floating mandap

Who needs a seaside mandap setting when you can take pheras on a floating one? It is true that this mandap decor can work well only on a beachside surrounding or big pool area but isn't that worth the effort? What's more, you'll not even need any frilly-dilly decorations to pretty up the empty space, the waterbody and the mandap itself can be used beautifully to intensify the look. You can choose a single colour or go colour-coordinated with your outfit. Make sure you have no dearth of pretty fairy lights or even candles set up for a sunset wedding, for a more fairytale appeal.

Photo credit: Art for Photo

The vintage garden mandap

We bet, this decor setting will satisfy all your dreams of getting married in a faraway English cottage, surrounded by lilies and fresh roses. This vintage-inspired mandap decor features ample plants and tea trunks, which sets a good contrast with the floral decor and hanging lamps. We mean, if this doesn't look like a dream then what else does? It even features an open roof that is perfect if you are having a vintage-garden themed wedding.

Photo credit: Bhumi & Simran Photography

We bet that you'll have a hard time deciding the one for you, just how we had while shortlisting these beautiful mandap decors. 

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