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From little elements like crockery to bolder choices like a paint job, here is your guide to introduce the inky hue into your home!

We’re closing in on winters and many of us are looking to redecorate our homes, and just right in time Sherwin-Williams a major leading designer paint company since the past 150 years, in fact, the trend-setter in colour schemes of décor, announced their colour of the year 2020 – Naval Blue (SW 6244 253-C6). The colour in question is a dark serene hue of navy blue, a colour reminiscent of the night sky. As the company stated in the press release “Naval is the new, approachable neutral that goes with everything”. However, the colour has been chosen on the basis of how the interior décor is more than just what it seems – it’s about how it makes one feel. The colour of the night is inspired from the fact that people have looked into the night sky’s guidance for centuries and is the muse that reminds one to live more consciously aware. 

Apart from the vibe that the rich tint imbibes, it blends in perfectly with the winter season’s clear dark nights and is a perfect muse for any part of home décor, be it furnishing, linens, crockery, the wall paints, and even the flooring. So, if you’re thinking of a new home décor theme to invest in, this is the trend you should look for. 

Here are five ways to introduce the inky hue into your home.

Contrasting Crockery

If you don’t want to go big on the whole naval theme, you could introduce the tiniest elements like crockery and utensils into the mix. Since most of the ceramic crockery tends to white, adding a few pieces of blue would really add a modern nudge to your monotonous crockery collection.

Photo credit: The New York Times

Wonder Walls 

Another most basic way to redecorate you with the naval theme would be getting a new paint job from Sherwin-Williams itself. Even getting a single centric wall painted in this gorgeous hue could add a luxurious touch, also if you set your décor in a minimal way, your home will seem well ordered and classy.

Photo credit: Nonagon Style

Fabulous Furniture

If you’re not looking to paint your walls, a major way to involve this nightly shade, then you should try involving a few contrasting pieces of the colour with furniture. The hue plays off splendidly with shades of white and grey, giving a stark and elegant finish.

Photo credit:  Residence Style

Lustrous Linen

An extremely easy way to change the theme of your entire according to the trend would be to head on for a change in linen and curtains. Adding lustrous fabric to your abode, is already a go to way to add opulence, and right now, this trending inky colour is the best choice to do so.

Photo credit: Pinterest

Captivating Carpets

If you’re thinking to get a rug clean out, you might want to change your carpet for naval blue one with interesting patterns, and because there are several options to choose from, you can modernise your room your own way.

Photo credit: Ingter Club

What do you think of Sherwin-William’s decision and what aspect of your home would you like to change to this rich bold shade?

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