Our dos and don'ts for a social media friendly wedding

We’re in a time where the virtual is slowly taking over the real: if there are no pictures of your engagement or wedding, did it even happen? Jokes aside, with the multitude of wedding photographs that are sure to populate our feeds this festive season, it is now more important than ever to make sure you’re Instagram ready.

Here our top tips to get through the many events and moments that mark your wedding, to ensure a curation that you will cherish for a lifetime:

Engagement rules
The engagement post is your first announcement, making your private relationship very public. Set the tone right, for it will colour the posts to come. Avoid images of just the diamond, and similarly, don't post pictures of the ring from several angles to keep it effortless and classy.

Choose your caption with caution. #Yes is too obvious because if it wasn't a yes, this would hardly be a joyous announcement! Be succinct, maybe add details of the date or place to keep it simple. Do not jump the gun by using your wedding hashtag, you want to save something for later.

Bachelorette shenanigans
Bidding adieu to your last days of singledom is cause for debauchery, and anatomically questionable cakes and souvenirs. What it shouldn’t involve are public images of bridesmaids doing body shots. Shared iPhoto galleries and Airdrop are your best friends in this scenario: share images of your night with just your friends to keep it private!

If there is an agreed upon hashtag for the evening remember to check in with your posse and ensure everyone is on board with sharing images publicly. And remember to coordinate posts to avoid an overload of identical photographs.

Planning the wedding
No one is truly interested in a countdown to D-day. They are excited to be part of your big day, definitely, but do they need a daily reminder? Keep images of shopping, fabric and design choices or beauty treatments for the bridesmaids and family Whatsapp group. Put only your best foot forward on public platforms!

The big day
Discuss your Insta-requirements with your photographer much before the event. Many photographers now offer packages with images and videos that make for great posts. Detail the moments you want to get captured: the ‘i dos’ or a shot of the pheras, along with more natural portraits of the two of you? Plan ahead and spare yourself from trouble on the day.

Don’t forget to inform your close pals and family of your agreement with the photographer, lest people feel the need to capture moments and interrupt the ceremony. Curate three or four images per event - sangeet, cocktail and mehendi. Let there be a variety with shots of the couple and the guests or decor. Keep up the momentum with catchy captions and remember to have fun with it all.

Treat this period like a travel photographer; images of stunning beaches or delicious candlelit dinners will allow for your friends to keep up with your new life phase. Keep the intimate moments for your personal bank, and post just enough to give your followers serious vacation goals!

A legitimate milestone to bring out the photographs from your wedding? Your anniversary, and by that we don't mean your third or seventh month. Mark the annual occasion with visual memories that help you recall the happy and hilarious moments; tag friends and let the nostalgic conversations flow!

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