Raise a Toast at New York’s Most Exciting Retro Plane Bar


The iconic TWA Hotel at JFK Airport turned a 1958 Lockheed Constellation L-1649A airplane named Connie into a glamorous cocktail bar

When New York city’s TWA Hotel opened its door at the JFK Airport, we all went crazy about its extraordinary interiors. The opening of this hotel attracted many for its retro-chic elements and never-seen-before design. But, hey that’s not all. Adding to its swanky decor, the TWA hotel now has a new retro-themed cocktail bar for its patrons. This exclusive addition is no ordinary bar but created inside a vintage plane – the 1958 Lockheed constellation strainer Aeroplan, known as ‘Connie’.

Photo Credit: Eater

This quirky cocktail bar is all about the perfect blend of vintage and modern furnishing. Most of the elements in the plane have been kept original such as the seats, cockpit, and even the window curtains. To pay homage to Ero Saarinen, the legendary architect behind TWA Terminal, many of the furniture you may spot is designed by him, like the futuristic-looking tables or the glass pane arc. Some of the vintage details such as the TWA iconic red carpet, cocktail swords or mid-century board games will take you back in time when the plane was known for impressing its passengers. You may not fly high, but the experience is nothing less than boarding the Connie when operational. 

Photo Credit: Eater

Walking towards the middle section of the plane, it is kept open with suede sofa seating aligned on the edges. The vintage classic suede sofas and sleek tables give enough space to move around and enjoy your favourite drink or hang around with friends. Towards the back row of the plane, the passenger seats have not been disturbed much and remain the same with a few luxe refurbishments. To keep the 1960s aesthetics authentic, the whole setup inside the Connie has been given an old-world charm that looks like straight out of a ’50s Hollywood movie.

Photo Credit: Eater

While your next visit to NYC should have this cocktail bar in the itinerary, let us not forget to mention The TWA Hotel. If one has to describe the JFK Airport’s only on-airport hotel, it won’t be wrong by stating it as utterly gorgeous and an aviation geek’s dream. Possibly one of the most incredible airport hotels ever built TWA host six restaurants, the world’s biggest hotel gym, high-end retail outlet under one large roof. The lobby of the hotel speaks opulence at its best with the beautiful ‘Connie’ parked outside. It won’t take much time to get awe-struck by the spaceship-like architecture which still remains the topic of discussion among many design connoisseurs.

Fancy paying it a visit? Well, you must!

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