These luxurious stays help you stay close and personal with the wildlife

If you are a travel enthusiast and an animal lover, so much that a mere sight of pups or kittens make you go on your knees, then there is an incredible experience that awaits you!  Before we spill the beans, here’s what you need to imagine - waking up to the sweet melody of chirping birds and sharing your breakfast with giraffes. Adventurous enough? Guess what? It's time to bring it to life with these one-of-a-kind resorts that not only ensure luxurious accommodation away from the conundrum of cities but a rememberable time to get up close and personal with animals without harming their habitat. 

Tundra Lodge | Canada

For travellers who are in love with polar bears and photography, Tundra Lodge is the perfect option. It is also widely reckoned as ‘the hotel on wheels’, located outside Churchill on the Arctic tundra, the hotel welcomes all the travel aficionados in untouched surroundings while inside the hotel there’s no dearth of comfort – a chic-rustic dining car with glass windows and cosy bedroom space with outdoor viewing platforms to have immersive views of polar bears. Not just that, during the trip, you'll come across captivating sunsets melting into the ice horizons, aurora in the season of northern lights and snowy landscapes. For all the shutterbugs out there, this is your place to reel it up!

Best time to visit: October to December

Photo credits: Natural Habitat Adventures

Photo credits: Natural Habitat Adventures

Taronga Zoo | Australia

Visiting zoo may seem old-school, but how about spending a night packed with all luxuries, amidst the wild? Yes, you read it right. Enjoy the safari-style ambiance with roar and snore of animals while you spend a night at Taronga Zoo. From Koalas and Echidnad roaming in your veranda to Platypus swimming in pools – the place provides plenty of intimate encounters with the wild. In addition to that, nights are lively with camping and outdoor buffet dinners. Taronga Zoo provides two types of accommodations – one is safari-style stay with views of the Sydney Harbour and the other and newest accommodation is a rather more luxurious eco-retreat amidst the bushland. 

Photo credits: Daily Telegraph 

Photo credits: Sydney 

Giraffe Manor | Kenya

If you love giraffes and you don't mind sharing your breakfast with them, trust us, a stay at Giraffe Manor is a must. Soak in the history of Africa and enjoy the heart-warming company of African flora and fauna at this hotel. The herd of resident Rothschild’s giraffe peeking through the balcony and waiting to have breakfast with you is something you really need to experience. And not just this. The pleasant courtyards, lovely gardens, and beautiful terraces at Giraffe Manor will make you feel closer to nature and a lot happier with solitude! Also, the hotel specialises in safari tours with breath-taking sights of the African habitat and plenty of wildlife to get acquainted with. 

Photo credits: Big Seven Travel

Photo credits: Art of Safari

Leofoo Resort Guanshi | Taiwan

Given that Asia is dense with one of the most unique wildlife and forests, Taiwan comes as another great visit to be amidst what you love – animals! Book your stay at Leofoo Resort Guanshi amidst cute zebras, friendly giraffes, and adorable rhinos roaming outside your windows of wildlife-themed rooms. Inspired by Kenya and Congo, the African decor of the resort will give you all the reasons to brag about your stay. The resort offers a luxurious dining area, spa, and even a kids area, which makes it the perfect option for a family vacation. 


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