Bets are you’ll be trying these looks long before the spring season starts

Finally, the ritzy-glitzy journey of the fashion month comes to an end at the fashion capital with Paris Fashion Week! After experiencing the major fashion moments in New York, London, and Milan, it's time for you to magnify your love for fashion by turning your attention to the momentous looks of the Paris Fashion Week. The romantic and stylish energy of the fashion capital dazzled on the runway and we promise that the innovative take of this season on classic silhouettes will stun you. The creative visualizations and expressive themes of the designers make us feel like they are setting the tone of the trend not just for spring 2020 but for many more seasons to come.

From Chanel’s all-denim outfit with the touch of retro Hollywood vibes to Hermes' minimalist tailoring with apron-style dresses to Valentino's dainty dresses with whimsical feathers, here are some of the best runway looks of Paris Fashion Week that will rule the fashion world and soon your wardrobes as well! Let us relive the incredible and unmissable looks from the runway!

Louis Vuitton

Louis Vuitton, the forever favourite fashion house hopped onto the runway where everything elegant and stylish came with a spin! The white shirt with oversized puffed sleeves and the tulip skirt made a head-turning statement on the runway. Not just this, but the long pointy collars of the shirt with iris boutonnières and the knee-high boots with logo embossed on the front, created a universally flattering look and bets are, this all white-outfit will soon top the wish list of every fashion enthusiast!

Photo credit: Vogue


Chanel is known to stir elegance with fashion and breaking the seriousness of the fashion shows and the same happened on the runway of Paris Fashion Week! The brand surprised the show onlookers with an all-denim outfit embellished with an eye-catching pink bow and white ruffled cotton details that elevated the style quotient of the show. This creative silhouette showcasing exaggerated bell sleeves and pleated jeans looked like a real fashionista's dream! Inspired from the cinematic wave of the 1950s and 1960s, the retro Hollywood was a definite win on the runway.

Photo credit: Vogue


Many designers employed polished white dresses at the Paris Fashion Week to add the wow factor into their collection but we say no one did it like Hermes. The brand infused a classic amalgamation of minimalist tailoring and crisp silhouettes with a white apron-style dress on the runway. The rectangular patchwork placed like a grid on the dress with minute gaps in between each section, spelled romance and style on the runway.

Photo credit: Vogue


Guess who elevated the quirky quotient and the fashion game at the Paris Fashion Week? Well, the answer is Balenciaga, just like always, the fashion house gave off the perfect visualization of power dressing! The oversized fur wrap coat with exaggerated shoulders and noticeable belt clinched at the waist was an unmistakable blend between aesthetic beauty and glam. But what stood out to us was the animal print and black leather handbag with a vibrant blue backdrop, that effortlessly added everything the look needed.

Photo credit: Vogue


What the Italian fashion house, Valentino presented on the runway was a perfect showcase of true imagination and creativity! The brand added delicateness by combining a dainty ruffled dress with whimsical furs. Talk about a look with the blend of glamour and minimalism, this lavender toned dress with one-shoulder silhouette and ribbon clinched on the waist, deserves a shout out for sure! The vibrant tangerine mini clutch embellished with studs added fashion values to the look.

Photo credit: Vogue

Though the fashion month has come to an end; these iconic looks are here to stay!

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