A collection that brought theatrics to Paris Fashion Week

When we’re anticipating the release of a designer collaboration, there are some expectations regarding the distinct styles that are to blend together, but since we knew nothing of the bromantic SS20 collection that Dries Van Noten had been working on with Christian Lacroix for the past four months until the reveal, the collection seemed even more fabulous just like a plot twist at the end of a movie when everything seems to make sense. 

Christian has returned to the runway after a decade. After finding his fashion house in the year 1987 and working for two decades delivering the most flamboyant of the red carpet and opera dresses, the brand disappeared from the runway, only to come with Dries Van Noten. What was interesting to see though was Van Noten’s pragmatic vision towards clothing melting right into Christian’s ostentatious creativity. Christian's flair for drama, resulted in exaggerated silhouettes with Van Noten’s touch of practicality in layering. Ergo, the collection created was the balance between maximalist silhouette and pragmatic minimalism, and contemporarily inspired by the ’80s and ‘90s. Several other themes by Christian were also explored throughout the show, but a few dominated most of the outfits and we’ve summarised them for you to have a sense of the entire collection. 

So here you go, feast your eyes, and your brain to this supreme collection, the best surprise of the Spring Summer 2020 fashion yet!

Theatrical Animal Prints

With Monsieur Lacroix came the need for theatrical anatomy of fashion, and animal prints may sound like a cliched way to in it. But, when seen on the runway the designers gave us flaring outlines, relaxed silhouettes, and elegant structures, everything wrapped in outfits so beautifully that each deserves a place in an art exhibition. Mused on to blazer, skirts, and even sweatshirt anima print was showcased in an altogether different light.

Photo credit: Vogue

Flamenco Skirts

A Spanish touch can be seen all over the collection, but the most eye-catching pieces have to be the Flamenco Skirts, with black and red chiffon ruffles in streamlined and flared silhouettes. Paired with sweatshirts, white tanks, and of course, animal prints in similar texture the overall outfits are expedient but with mildly exaggerated outlines, making them chicly dramatic.

Photo credit: Vogue

Bubbling Sleeves

Bubbly sleeves have been a part of Lacroix’s haute couture, and to see it mix with the most conventional of structures is what makes the pieces stand out in their own way. Weather on fluffy monotone train gowns or on casually dramatic floral, the sleeves went perfectly with black bottoms.

Photo credit: Vogue

Rich Florals on Structured Silhouettes

As previously mentioned, the collection does have a distinct Spanish touch, which is evident through the matador jackets with rich floral brocade. Apart from the matadors, Van Tonen’s classic formals can also be seen covered in luxurious floral motifs which are bright and dispersed.

Photo credit: Vogue

Feather Galore

One look at the collection and you’ll know the love Lacroix has for feathers. The collection started with a black ostrich feather head plume and ended with an exuberant white sheer dress covered in luminous looking white feathers, completed with a white feather plume headgear. Throughout the collection, you could find several pieces fancied up with feather elements.

Photo credit: Vogue

For all the fashion enthusiast millennials who thought they wouldn’t see Christian Lacroix’s work in modern fashion, the collaboration is a dream come true. What do you think of this surprise collection?

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