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The best time of the year calls for some cosy olfactory pleasures

Did you know that spring-summer perfumes are mostly a misfit for winter? Wearing them is like stepping out in a chiffon blouse on a bitingly chilly day – however elegant be the blouse, it’s out of place and not to mention, uncomfortable, for the weather. Moreover, the soft and fresh notes of a typically summery perfume are too gentle to even be perceptible when the ambient temperature dips.

So pack away those notes of flowers, citruses and powders for now and get your hands on something more winter-appropriate – the whiff of which gives a rush of warmth no matter how chilly it is outside.Take cues from our list!

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Kayali by Huda Kattan
Warm up to Kayali, a sub-brand of Huda Beauty, by Huda and Mona Kattan. Kayali Collection 01 comes in four different fragrances – Vanilla, Citrus, Musk and Elixir – all remarkably strong and long-lasting. This beautifully balanced collection with hints of spice and florals is a worthy pick for winter, and gives us good reason to be excited about their soon-to-launch Collection 02.

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N°5 Red Edition by Chanel
What retained its original appearance and notes since 1921, has for the first time, got a makeover. It’s gone red, warm and winter-perfect. The limited edition ruby red bottle has an addition of bourbon vanilla, which transforms the summer queen into a dark winter fairy that leaves an incredibly sensual trail. To make things even more special, you can take the red No. 5 home in a beautiful Christmas gift box – check out these custom-made holiday gift collections by Chanel.

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Her Eau de Parfum by Burberry
Burberry Her is the first gourmand fragrance with a British twist by Burberry. A burst of red and dark berry notes lightened by a luminous white woody accord, this perfume is like a love letter to the season with the promise of a long-lasting fragrance. It’s youthful, invigorating and at the same time retains Burberry’s trademark London-inspired elegance.

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Dark Papyrus by Alexander McQueen
The brand has launched eight different perfumes this year, all of which have been insanely appreciated. Of these, Dark Papyrus should be your best winter pick. Its spicy, woody, earthy and rather primal scent, with notes of blackcurrant buds, is a sheer delight; especially so, if you have the nose for strong fragrances. And talking of strength, this one stays strong all day – even through all the heavy layers of the season.

Notes of wood and spice in the icy cold evening breeze of a romantic boulevard, enveloped in beenies, furs, mittens and boots – the picture of bliss, isn’t it? May all your evenings be such – and what you must do first, is buy a divinely wintry perfume!

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