See how interestingly the celebrities are recreating fashion from the past

There is a saying that ‘history repeats itself’, and in the context of fashion, this statement is as accurate as it can get. From flared bottoms to high waisted jeans, jewelled chokers to oversized hoops, and from fringed dresses to shimmering jumpsuits – it is as though the fashion from the 1970s is replaying before our very eyes. We are almost three quarters in and can evidently say that the ‘70s decade was an incredibly fashionably efficient time that is rewriting 2019’s trends. Fashion idols like Cher, Ann-Margret, Farrah Fawcett, and Diana Ross broke down and re-built fashion time and again, giving us styles that were iconic and timeless, so it doesn’t come as a surprise when we see their styles embodied by the millennial celebrities or runway collections. 

With such fashion resurrection happening around us all the time these days, any fashion enthusiast needs to know the fashion details of the ’70s. To help you with that, we’ve jotted down the key elements of the benchmark decade with concerning today's trends. So go on, and have a look at how Priyanka Chopra, Bella Hadid, Taylor Swift, and so many more fashion icons of the present, inspire themselves with the past!

Formal Looking Trouser Suits

Photo Credits: Elle (L), Celebs First (R)

Crochet Swimsuits

Photo Credits: Elle (L), Celebs First (R)

Shimmer-fringe Dresses

Photo Credits: Reel Rundown (L), Celeb Mafia (R)

Oversized Coats

Photo Credits: Elle (L), Celebs First (R)

Polka Dots

Photo Credits: Amazon (L), Celeb Mafia (R)

Bright Co-ords

Photo Credits: Elle (L), Celeb Mafia (R)

The Turtle Neck

Photo Credits: Elle (L), Celebs Mafia (R)

Striped Pants

Photo Credits: Harper’s Bazaar (L), Celeb Mafia (R)

Harlequin-style Attire

Photo Credits: Elle (L), Celeb Mafia (R)

Knotted Shirts

Photo Credits: Elle (L), Celeb Mafia (R)

Wide-legged Trousers

Photo Credits: Harper’s Bazaar (L), Celebs First (R)

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