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You can never go wrong or outworn with blue

You don’t need a home by the sea to enjoy the unique natural tones of blue, all it requires is your little efforts to add blue elements in your abode that will instantly put you in a pleasant mood! They say blue evokes serenity and opulence, which is why infusing this colour in your home is the best decorating idea if the complex, intricate decoration is not your thing. Although we know that a décor enthusiast craves voguish elements but believe it, the beauty of blue coupled with the humble white and notorious yellow will stand the test of time and style. If you'd like to bring the breeze of freshness to your space, we've got you the shades of blue inspired from sky and sea. The boundless imaginative approach of blue-esque tones hold the power to elevate any space, be it a kitchen or the bathroom; and for all you meticulous souls blue is the colour of your spirit for being extremely versatile and moldable from furniture to accents. 

To simplify your quest scroll below the set of pictures – be it the warmth of navy, relaxed vibes of sea blues or the richness of duck egg blues, we have it all!


Ceiling embellished with duck egg blue

Photo credits: Decoist 

Blue mosaic tiles on floor in a monotone colour palette

Photo credits: House Beautiful 

Dinette chairs, backsplash, and pendant lamps in Airforce blue

Photo credits: House Beautiful 


Intricate yet refreshing blue wallpaper with matching armchairs

Photo credits: Architectural Digest 

Navy velvety headboard on a beige wall

Photo credits: Pinterest

Lush fluffy carpet to run corner-to-corner 

Photo credits: Hermey Monica

Living Room 

Blue painting complementing the gray tones of the space

Photo credits: Décor Pad

Happy Collab between turquoise sofa and mustard accents

Photo credits: Ideal Homes 

Patterned blue curtains with matching rug and lampshade

Photo credits: Ideal Homes 



Mix and match of tiles

Photo credits: Bathroom design ideas 

Pastel blue bathtub

Photo credits: Decoist 

Aqua floral wallpaper

Photo credits: Elle Décor

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