Rodarte Exhibition in Washington DC


The sister duo displays the crème de la crème of their artsy collections at NMWA

Connoisseurs of haute couture might want to book themselves on the earliest flight to Washington DC to admire some of the era’s most fascinating sartorial creations. An exhibition of the fashion label Rodarte is running there at the National Museum of Women in the Arts (NMWA) till February 10, 2019. It has on display 90 stunning outfits that have played iconic roles on the silver screen and the Red Carpet over the last 13 years.

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Rodarte is the label of Laura and Kate Mulleavy, a self-taught, independent sister duo. Sans professional training in fashion, the sisters create art that is raw and a direct reflection of their profound mental faculties. For these two, inspiration has never been evasive – from quotidian facets of their Californian childhood to the paintings of Van Gogh, they delicately weave life around themselves into silks and laces.

The connection with Hollywood

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Mulleavy sisters are very closely involved with Hollywood, designing movie costumes and Red Carpet couture. Black Swan’s tutus remain their most recognized work in the realm of films. Then in a recent stint with direction in Woodshock, they brilliantly used the protagonist’s clothing, frayed chemises, as a metaphor to her tormented mind.

A well-deserved honour

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This is a first of its kind exhibition for NMWA, and we reckon the honour is well deserved by the duo. First, their clothes boast intricacy that few others can match – elaborate outfits brimming with minute details, each painstakingly set to perfection – every single dress is a scrupulous work of art.

Second, the Mulleavy sisters stay true to their haute couture niche of designing sublimely beautiful frocks – they have never attempted to trade their surreal artistic sensibilities for the more commercial side of fashion –  you will never see a piece of streetwear or denim by Rodarte. Bringing out only two brilliant collections every year instead of the fashion fraternity’s usual four, they ensure the same meticulousness goes into each garment they create with no compromise on their trademark excellence.

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This label is unique – it’s a demonstration of how phenomenal the results are when an artist makes art for art’s sake only. So give this one a green flag, and go experience enthralling art through the medium of fashion. For a worshipper of beauty, it will be an extraordinary experience.

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