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A selection of awe-inspiring beds to give you the best of beauty and utility

Beds are where you spend the best moments of life. They got to be the most thoughtfully chosen element of the house. And if you are looking to upgrade yours this year, here’s all the inspiration you need and in fact quite enough to fill your bucket list for years to come.

For those who love grandeur

Hollywood of the 1930s | Choose one of these beds if you are attracted to glitz and opulence redolent of the Golden Age of Hollywood. Only, be warned that getting one will make you want to refurbish your bedroom, buy more plush linen and possibly also upgrade your lingerie and sleepwear collection to match the resplendence of it!

Photo credits: Ali Express

Vintage love | If old world charm, femininity and vibes of romance are what you cherish, let your bed bring out exactly that aesthetic. And when we say vintage, we don’t mean those exquisite but tad uncomfortable wrought iron beds – you can instead get a sweet balance between beauty and functionality with beds that incorporate old-world aesthetics and contemporary design excellence.

Photo credits: The Lady Blog

Metallics | If you want to step away from the regular wooden bed, here are some majestic metallics to inspire you. When you do get a metallic bed though, make sure the other metal accents in the bedroom match with the colour of it, be it in side lamps, picture frames or curtain rods.

Photo credits: Ali Express

For the trendsetter

Divinely minimal | The last year may have seen a resurgence of maximalism but that does nothing to the position its antithesis has consolidated over the years. Minimal design in beds will go strong in 2019 with clean lines, modest colours and no superfluous ornamentation.

Photo credits: Urban Outfitters (L); WP (R)

Low floor beds | Low floor beds have an exceptionally relaxing vibe about them. Two of our favourite styles include: Scandinavian: white, functional and uncluttered, and mid-century modern: low height wooden furniture with a streamlined appearance.

Photo credits: CDN Home Designing

Upholstered headboards | A statement headboard makes for a smart bedroom décor idea. You can go all the way up to the ceiling for a majestic appearance. Choose from a variety of materials like leather, fabric or foam and have a most pleasant time entertaining the night owl in you with a novel or Netflix.


Photo credits: Pinterest (L); Architectural Digest (R)

Canopy beds | Canopy or four-poster beds are the veterans of a luxurious slumber. Adorn yours with breezy overflowing curtains or keep it neat with soft pastel linens draped around the posters.

Photo credits: Brit Morin (L); Design Crush Blog (R)

For the love of contemporary design

Storage friendly | Utility is indeed a good idea but the combination of utility and aesthetics is where the excitement lies. While built-in storage beds are no novelty at all, the new ones on the block are far prettier than their ancestors – they look quite as good as their non-storage counterparts while bringing to the table a whole lot of convenience.

Photo credits: Metro VSA

Sleep millennial style with rollaway & loft beds | A bed that multi-tasks is just what your modern, ultra-smart lifestyle commands. For apartment dwellers with restricted space, rollaway beds lend the much-needed flexibility to instantly transform a bedroom into a living area. Likewise, loft beds let you go very creative in how you utilize the space – you can have a built-in study, lots of cabinets or a cosy reading nook under your bed.

Photo credits: Atzine

Photo credits: Pinterest

Floating beds | What’s better than a floating bed in an ultra-luxury hotel? A floating bed at home. When you sleep in a bed that magically floats in the air, how would dreams be any short of divine bliss? To further enhance the magic, go for a big round floating bed.

Photo credits: Lago

You spend a third of your life sleeping – do it in a plush bed – you deserve it!

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