Let’s visually visit one of the most (likely, the most) celebrated film festival at Cannes

Cannes is prominently known for its three things – movie premiers, celebrity appearances, and of course, the infamous capes. This year is the 72nd time that the Red Carpet has been laid in French Riviera, France to kick start this 10-day long rendezvous of flowing silhouettes, trendsetting makeup looks, and a dozen of movie premieres. 

Did we miss the Red Carpet? Definitely yes! Even though we’re still intoxicated with Met Gala’s outrageous impact, a little more fashion inspiration does no harm. Moreover, Cannes is a universe of glamour on its own – the event has started just 2 days back and we already have enough scintillating looks to pan our eyes on, including Tilda Swinton, Selena Gomez, Eva Longoria, Julianne Moore, and Romee Strijd along with the jury members like Elle Fanning, Nadine Labaki, and Marina Fois, among others. Like every other year, a number of models and fashion influencers have also made to this pre-invited list which undoubtedly didn’t disappoint our expectations. However, a few of the patrons and some of the most ravishing ladies are still awaited to catch our breath, and we’re all eyes!

If you’re seeking the Indian faces, then not only the celebs, Aishwarya Rai Bachchan, Deepika Padukone, and Sonam Kapoor Ahuja will grace the carpet but you’d reportedly be spotting Kangana Ranaut, Diana Penty, and the NYC girl Priyanka (who’s already spilling the beans about her outfit inspiration on her Instagram account) walk the Cannes trail this year. There’d be no surprise if you see the team of this year’s Oscar-winning documentary ‘Period: End of a Sentence’ also getting photo-called in the event. With that being told, let’s have a look at the faces that have made to the event already and are responsible for raising our expectations. Here we go!

Photo credits: Sririta Jensen, The Cut

Photo credits: Alessandra Ambrosio (L); Barbara Meier, The Cut (R)

Photo credits: Romee Strijd, The Cut (L); Julianne Moore (R)

Photo credits: Lu Yuchun, The Cut (L)

Photo credits: Selena Gomez, The Cut (L); Elle Fanning, Vogue (R)

Photo credits: Elle Fanning, Vogue (L); Tilda Swinton, The Cut (R)

Photo credits: Frederique Bel, Edition CNN

Photo credits: Alessandra Ambrosio (L); Melissa Satta, The Cut (R)

Photo credits: Natalia Janoszek, The Cut (L); Amber Heard (R)

Photo credits: Jessica Jung, Edition CNN

Photo credits: Selena Gomez, Vogue (L); Romee Strijd, The Cut (R)

Photo credits: Araya Hargate (L); Hofit Golan, The Cut (R)

Photo credits: Elle Fanning, Edition CNN

Photo credits: Julianne Moore, The Cut (L); Tilda Swinton, The Cut (R)

Photo credits: Elle Fanning (L); Araya Hargate (R)

Photo credits: Eva Longoria, Edition CNN

With French Riviera’s sun-soaked background and the overwhelming list of A-listers, we’re sure to spend an incredible week (and a half!) ahead. Join us!

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