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Because monsoon calls for some spicy, fruity, and woody fragrances

We know what it feels to be holed up indoors on a rainy day! Monsoons are here so make sure you’ve done your bit to brighten up your house despite all the gloominess. And one effective way of doing it is by placing some heavenly and fresh smelling scented candles – simply light them up to add warmth and romance to your home; plus, they work pretty fine to dust away the stifling musty smells of the rain, especially when humidity jumps in only to make it worse. Only scented candles can come to the quick rescue!

Having said that, when it comes to selection, be mindful because your choice of home fragrance is also your olfactory signature, one of the important things that guests will remember for a long time to come. To guide you through your home fragrance journey, here are our top picks.

Let The Amber Dominate

When we talk candles, Amber candles are a cult-favourite. And when you are buying, why not choose from the best – Versace Amber candles should top your list, this amber infused wax candle comes with an elegant white ceramic candle holder decorated with gold-tone Greek Key motif at the base and gold metal Medusa knob on top. Whether you choose to have it beside your bathtub, or living room, or even in the corner of your kitchen space, these candles will not shy away from spreading its amber magic. You will go all gaga over it to see how quickly it changes your mood. 

Photo credits: Versace

Enjoy The Rain Curfew With Wild Bluebell

To add an air of luxury, wild bluebell candles from Jo Malone is your pick for the season, it will transform the atmosphere with luxury and opulence owing to its balsamic sweetness of bluebell, lily, and persimmon. These candles beautifully infuse the space with a reminiscent scent that lasts for hours (45 hours to be precise!). An everyday luxury, it brings warmth to any environment especially when the dullness of rain haunts outside. 

Photo credits: Jo Malone

Feel The Serenity Of Jasmine Fields 

These Jasmine scented candles from Good Earth will make an aura of the Orients – imagine the porch window is wide open and the quiet wave of the curtains is the only thing between you and the raindrops. The storm’s pulse which carries the scent will resonate the nearby jasmine fields’ right to your bedside and you can breathe it in like you were lying on top of them. If this is not what you’d like to experience this monsoon, probably you’re wasting the serene beauty of the season.

Photo credits: Good Earth

Get Into The Notes Of Delicious Cinnamon

In particularly those dreary rainy days, do scrum into deliciously smelling cinnamon candles. You can choose from the Diptyque scented candles range which comes from the fresh bark of cinnamon strips. These have the captivated scents of India, with the woody and spicy, warm and gourmand cinnamon.

Photo credits: Diptyque

When Tuberose Does Wonders

Enjoy the redolence of night Tuberose flower, enhanced with precious balsam and vanilla. This especially curated candle from Sisley Paris will awaken your senses making you feel floating in Venice. Tuberose can be comforting and uplifting and at the same time, it’s intoxicating and absolutely heavenly. 

Photo credits: Sisley Paris

When Royal Garden Comes In

We cannot deny while saying that the marriage between musk and amber always do wonders. The star product from Zara Home, Royal Garden Scented Candles is sure to awaken your senses with fresh and fruity notes. Believe us, this can be the freshest option you can choose. The surprise comes in when you get a mix of wild roses, woody, and orange blossom notes in between. Reading your favourite novel while it’s pouring outside cannot be any better when your room is filled with this enlivening aroma.

Photo credits: Zara Home

Treat your senses with these majestic fragrances and enjoy this gloomy yet dreamy weather at its best.

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