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Get inspired by these gorgeous green-themed feasting spaces

Make every meal at home irresistibly delectable by creating a dining room so charming that it instantly puts you in a pleasant mood. And let the green zeitgeist be your inspiration here. Dramatic hunter greens, earthy olives and bright limes - there's a whole lot of gorgeousness on the palette to take a sweet pick from. Each of these shades has an individual personality while still retaining the quintessential green essence of serenity and proximity to nature. Full walls, decor accents, furniture or beautiful indoor plants - you have a variety of ways to get a dining room resplendent with green. Let this set of pictures be your inspiration.

Photo credits: Elle Decor

Photo credits: 2LG Studio (L); Pinterest (R)

Photo credits: Decoist

Photo credits: Hayon Studio (L); Pinterest (R)

Photo credits: House Beautiful

Photo credits: Mount Vermon (L); House Beautiful (R)

Photo credits: Decoist

Photo credits: RC Willey (L); House Beautiful (R)

Photo credits: Decoist

Photo credits: Decoist (L); Country Living Magazine (R)

Photo credits: Decoist

Photo credits: Pinterest

Recreate one of these eye candies at home - it'll give you a cosy feel-good space for everyday meals as well as those special feasts with friends and family.

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