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Some cool ideas to do up your walk-in closet

A walk-in closet is much more than just a room to stash away your clothes, shoes and bags – it’s the space that helps you relax, get yourself ready to face the day and possibly also to socialize with your closest girlfriends (Sex and the City, anyone?). It ought to be special. So create for yourself a joyful cocoon to crawl into on good days and bad.

Photo credits: Elle Decor

Light it to brilliance | In a room meant essentially for the worship of everything that’s beautiful, good lighting is a must. Get plenty of ceiling lights and also an intricate chandelier (unless you are a minimalist) in the centre of your walk-in closet. Use a floor lamp for a soft atmospheric glow. Do keep the colour of all the lights common, preferably a warm white for its relaxing effect.


Photo credits: Tn Wallpaper Hanger

Work around a common colour theme | Shades of pink and purple are common and very reliable colour palettes for dressing rooms. But you can always move away from them. Living coral, for instance, is Pantone’s colour of the year for 2019 and would make for a bright, happy choice for a walk-in closet.


Photo credits: Elle Decor

Get plush settees and lounges | Make your walk-in closet the place where you could easily spend hours – in peaceful solitude or with your best friends drinking wine and chit-chatting about your latest fashion buys. And to make that happen, velvety seats are just what you darlings need.

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Try your best to get an island | If you have a generous amount of space in your closet, definitely get an island – it will add tremendously to the functionality of the space. Besides the island top that you can use for putting out your outfit combinations and accessories for the day, you also get a good deal of cabinet space within the island – use it for storing foldable clothes like sweaters, skirts and trousers.

Photo credits: BHG

Let the sun shine on your closet | Nothing can replace the joyful energy of natural light in a space; not to mention, it will help you get fabulous mirror selfies. So let in as much of it as possible through big glass windows. In case the architecture doesn’t allow for windows, a skylight might be a smart alternative.

Photo credits: Décor Report

Introduce distressed finish | If you are a lover of everything that exudes vintage charm and country vibes, furniture and mirror frames with a distressed finish will complement your collection of wearables perfectly well.

Adorn your den with dresses | Your beautiful clothes, shoes and jewelry will make for the best dressing room decoration. Display them!

Photo credits: Elle Decor

Get a statement rug | Once you have decided your colour palette and the kind of seating you’d like in the room, buy an exotic statement rug to match. It will add texture and a splash of colour.

Once you’re done with the bigger plans, add finishing touches to your den with artistic photographs – ones of you in your best outfits, or those of your favourite fashion icons. Or you could go for artwork representative of your personality. Make this space truly your own – something you want to start your day from and come back to at the end of it.

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