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Round up of best fragrances for the season

Spring’s upon us and we’re ushering in summer in no time! It indeed is that time of the year when you have to wrap your warm and intense lovelies back to the stack until winter kisses again. However, this time, not only renew your signature summer-spring scents but upgrade your collection with the latest launches that are the talk of the town.

Are you excited? Dive right in.

Chanel’s Chance Chanel Eau Tendre eau de parfum – a whirlwind of tenderness

The Chance fragrance family has some of the most iconic fragrances from the house of Chanel and here comes another irresistible one - Chanel Eau Tendre. Accorded with bursts of jasmine and rose, this perfume is a truly feminine scent that carries the right blend of earthy depth from its citrus-y base and delicate freshness from its floral notes. It’s an ideal pick if you like soft and mild undertones that linger for a longer time.

Photo credits: The Candy Perfume Boy

Floris’ River Dawn eau de parfum – an escapade to nature

Floris River Dawn is a newly launched limited edition unisex perfume that instantly takes our imagination to the sunnier climes and earthy freshness. Inspired by the River Avon and the green landscapes of Wiltshire and Cotswold, this scent combines the trace of spring-time apple blossom and florals of hyacinth with earthy notes of orris, galbanum and sandalwood. Tap this one for outings and parties to feel fresh throughout!

Photo credits: Floris

Dior’s Holy Peony eau de parfum – a portrait of a visibly charming woman

This perfume is a fresh and modern take on the humble peony! At its heart lies the effervescence and sparkling qualities of the subtle peony but the base of apricot rose and musty wood attenuates the fruity-floral-ness keeping it soft yet confident, and that’s what makes it a special spring floral fragrance. Additionally, the amber-like resin creates a woody undertone – a note that wraps this fragrance with warmth imbuing the fragrance with sensuality. We recommend, wear this for your next dinner date to feel glamorous from within.

Photo credits: Dior

Jo Malone London’s Willow & Amber Cologne – a musky summery splash

While we talk florals and topicals, let’s not keep the woody fragrances behind that are made especially for summers! This one by Jo Malone London is inspired by sprawling wildflowers, pink pepper, cashmere wood and amber which gives rather musky fragrance than woody. It’s specifically customised to suit men and women, and versatile enough for every occasion. Moreover, this limited-edition perfume can be worn layered, so decide how much sensation would you like to put on?

Photo credits: Sephora

Gucci Guilty Pour Femme eau de parfum – #foreverguilty

The newly blended Gucci Guilty Pour Femme scent features notes of Mandora—a fruit found in the Mediterranean island of Cyprus, Lilac and a deep natural duet of Patchouli Oils, which leave a more longer lasting sillage. It’s indeed the notion of women’s liberation!

Photo credits: Sephora

We hope you’ve made space in your perfume-cellar already!

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