Aureole’s Aditi Mohoni talks design, ethics & current inspiration

A lawyer by training, Aditi Mohoni followed her passion for design and co-founded the indie fashion label, Aureole, with Kunal Virwani in 2017. Aureole’s vision of clothing that embodies the thoughts and beliefs of the wearer is a signature that runs through its collections. Aditi talks to us about the design philosophies that ground the label, what to expect with their upcoming collections and more.

On 'clarity of thought' and ‘simplicity’ as the hallmarks of the brand... 
As meditators, we’re always connecting back to ourselves and our roots to celebrate the stillness of mind and simplicity in being. We believe in a life that is well balanced and wholesome. With this outlook, everything we are surrounded by serves as an inspiration: the gentle swaying of trees in the wind, the sweet sounds of chirping birds, the happiness of waking up to a beautiful sunrise. In today’s times, when everything seems to be getting more complicated than is necessary, our design ideology reflects our credo of connecting back with our roots, at the helm of which lies simplicity and clarity in thought. 

On the two collections currently up for grabs titled, 'Sojourn' and 'Drifters'...
The essence of life itself is impermanence and our collections ‘Sojourn’ and ‘Drifters’ were born out of this recognition. 

On the concept of ‘ethical clothing’ and their own practices at Aureole...
An all-encompassing word, ethical to us signifies the very nature in which we conduct our business. This involves our relationships with our tailors, karigars, design team and customers. To us, the essence of an ‘ethical’ brand lies in the relationships you build and nurture along the way. We are committed towards responsible manufacturing and adding value to the lives of our team and customers. We believe in fair wages, respect people's time and choose to use materials and processes that are kind to the environment. Our studio space is shared by our design and production team to ensure that we do not compromise on quality. Our textiles are painstakingly woven by hand and we take much pride in working with the talented craftsmen of our country. There is so much beauty and artistry in our entire supply chain, starting from the weavers to the ‘karigars’ and we insist on bringing it to fore. 

On the inspiration for their upcoming collection...
For our next collection, we draw inspiration from a story we recently came across of potent memories lying in old boxes. 

On the craftspeople who bring alive the designer’s vision...
The faceless weaver is the very genesis of Aureole, and it is he who brings it to life. We primarily work with a small community of craftsmen in Gujarat and West Bengal. We’ve been working with the same people since the inception of our brand and over time have become acquainted with them and their families. They’ve wholeheartedly invited us into their lives and homes. In fact, one of our craftsmen came down all the way from Gujarat to attend my recent nuptials. Our craftsmen love seeing the fruits of their labour being worn by beautiful women. After shooting our last collection, we mailed a copy of our look-book to our weaver Ramji in Gujarat who was thrilled and from what we were told has shown it to his entire village.

An unusual path led Aditi to her avocation. A lawyer by profession, practicing in the matrimonial court in Mumbai, she was always passionate about design. Aureole was established post a road-trip to Gujarat during which she stumbled upon talented craftsmen and their exquisite workmanship.

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