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We’ve jotted down everything that will help you look the most fabulously fashionable this summer, be it the summer-inspired makeup looks, royalty-approved midi dresses, comfortable and trendy footwear, summer essentials or even the rejuvenating pedicure treatments but what leaves the look incomplete is the nails. Mind you, nails to a lady are as dear as her quintessential red lipstick – there is no chance that we could have given it a passé, nor the breathtaking trends would let us.

Photo credits: Eun Kuyung Park

Manicure trends are reigning supreme and the most effective way to follow trends is by following the trendsetters themselves. To cut your hunt short, we’ve carefully curated the cult-favourite names to top your inspiration list.

Photo credits: Hang Nguyen

Hang Nguyen | With celeb followership like @katehudsun and @emmaroberts, Hang is elevating the nail game ever since she started pursuing her passion, with nails as her obsession. If your style is soft, cute and dainty then @thehangedit is your paradise full of florally interpretations, adorable art styles and will literally help you wear your heart on your nails (And her recent favourite is squoval nails). Each flora-inspired designs done by the lady will just make you go awwwww! Don’t believe us? Just pop your eyes on these beautiful flower-inspired nail art in Gen-z yellow – in our opinion, these are a must-wear polish for your summery midi dress look.

Photo credits: Michelle Lee

Michelle Lee | Editor in chief at Allure, a skin care guide and a nail art perfectionist Michelle aka @heymichellelee can make you binge watch her Instagram account with her peculiar yet desirable take on nail art – it’s unique, super-modish and spirited from graphic art (sometimes abstract and sometimes geometric), if your liking resonates with her then make Michelle your guide for an artsy summer. Also, the anecdotes behind her inspiration are as interesting as her style, check them out!

Photo credits: Betina R. Goldstein

Betina R. Goldstein | Los Angeles based Betina is a true nail art aficionado, her style vividly expresses her immense passion for artistic creations and her meticulous eye for detailing takes it all a notch above. Her pool of projects includes the best of the names like Roberto Cavalli, Bottega Veneta, Celine, Estee Lauder among others and uncountable red carpet looks. From dainty polka dots to sequinned nails, gold embossed art to exquisite pearl glove style @betina_goldstein has it all.

Photo credits: Eun Kuyung Park

Eun Kuyung Park | Eun is a Korean nail artist who can bring a fresh and unseen wave of inspirations to your feed. Do you reckon the shattered glass nails and the wired nails? Well, Park is the name behind these trends who took us all by storm last year. Her workpieces are hardware nails with painstakingly-placed jewels and super quirky holographic film nails – you can land on her page anytime you want to get inspired with statement-making nail art, be it the functions pertaining to wedding or fancy dinner date, with @nail_unistella on your side, you’ll definitely shine like a star come what may!

Photo credits: Eda & Anna Levenson

Eda & Anna Levenson | These Brooklyn based sisters will make you fall in love with that ‘extra’ in your manicure appointments  – Bold prints, highly reflective glitters, and expressive (sometimes even hypnotic) shapes and squiggles — Just like the name @LadyFancynails it really delivers the fanciest of inspirations for nails that have an editorial edge. Follow the ladies for nails that have an otherworldly charm to them!

Now that you know where to seek for the next manicure’s inspiration, pick your phone, log in to your Instagram, click on the cute little box which says ‘follow’ and start choosing your favourite style – go graphic, embellished, maximal or studded, the list is endless and you have all the time in the world to experiment with your talons. Nail it (wink)!

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