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Lately, shopping has evolved much more than just hopping stores. Especially if you are an admirer of great architecture, style and aesthetics, shopping is now seen as a whole new experience. Catering to such expectations, designer stores are coming up with new concepts, unique design ideas which will make you awe-struck by its beauty in the first place. While some like to treat their store as a museum, others like to design it like a beautiful palace. Investing heavily on their brick and mortar spaces, many fashion boutique outlets have come up like a walk-through experience, where you simply soak in the luxury. 

Let’s take you on a virtual tour of these beautiful stores.

Idli, Jaipur

Stepping into this fashion and home decor store, Idli is like entering into the fantasy world. Thierry Journo has beautifully blended the Indian royalty with the French influence and has created a masterpiece in the pink city. The place is elegantly decked up with a luxurious touch and feel. The store offers an exquisite collection of embroidered and hand-painted womenswear which depicts the excellency in craftsmanship. From the design perspective of Thierry Journo, you’ll see a translation of India’s vibrant textile into Parisian-style furniture and fashion. If you happen to visit Jaipur soon, do pay a visit to feel Idli’s beauty on your own.

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Clove, Mumbai

If you are a sucker for minimal art and always look for inspiration, Samyukta Nair’s Clove is all that you need. At her art-deco store, you can find her dedication in every small detail. The store hosts a selection of designers such as Divya Sethi, Urvashi Kaur, Karishma Shahani and Dhora. Walk into a calm, de-cluttered space where you won't mind lingering a few hours more. The interiors of the studio reflect minimal aesthetics rendering grace. Even in their lifestyle products, you will find a sense of calmness. 

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Le Mill, Mumbai

This luxury fashion store for women can be called as a mini Paris. Mumbai’s first concept store, Le Mill boasts interiors which is glittery, sparkly and simply pretty. Founded by two French women, Cecilia Morelli and Julie Leymarie who later settled down in Mumbai, the place talks about their ideology of Indo-European aesthetics. Check out their collection of gowns, dresses, coats or the gorgeous looking crockery collections or the unique furniture collection. Stroll through the store and experience the extravagance.

Photo Credit: Le Mill India

Anita Dongre, Qutub, Delhi

Step into the opulent world of Anita Dhongre where you can experience the delightful amalgamation of art and culture. The design of her boutique borrows inspiration from Rajasthan where Dongre has spent a substantial amount of time in her childhood. As you enter the place, you’ll be greeted with a beautiful white marble fountain adorned with rose petals. The vibe reflects Indianness to its core. As you move in, you’ll find that the decor beautifully pays homage to the wildlife-Tiger, Peacocks and Elephants and thirty hand-painted Pichwai-style paintings. While shopping for your beautiful attire here, in no time you’ll be transformed into an era of Rajas and Maharajas where you’ll walk around like a princess. 

Photo  Credit: Pinterest

The next time you plan to shop, skip the mall and head to these gorgeous stores.

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