When it comes to Japanese cuisine, one of the most notable brasserie in Delhi NCR is Kampai

Why wait for visiting Japan, when you can experience it here in the capital? This little Japanese hamlet in Aerocity Delhi will make you feel as though you are sitting in a chic cherry blossom wonderland. Kampai has arrived to satiate Delhi’s hunger for Pan-Asian. With traditional tatami table, private hanami and those authentic designed Japanese chopsticks, Kampai does all - just to its origin. Avantika Bahl is to be credited for this beautiful piece of gastronomical art where the kitchen is helmed by Chef Shoji Morita straight from Japan.  True to its name ‘Kampai’, which means ‘Cheers’, is designed like the Izakaya, which is casual dining sake bars popular in Japan among the office goers.

Photo credits: Kampai

Throwing some light on Avantika, she conceptualised Kampai out of her love and fascination for Japan, its cuisine and minimal aesthetics. On her multiple trips to Japan over the years, her interest in their rich heritage and culture only made her more passionate about her dream project- Kampai. Her love for the beautiful flavours and ingredients from the land of the rising sun and recognition for a demand for the cuisine in her hometown made her pursue the restaurant at a young age of 25!

Photo credits: Kampai

Banqueted over 2400 sqft area, the 70-seater restaurant sports a peppy Japanese ambience, sliding bamboo and paper screen et al. You will notice the unique façade of the restaurant made with mild steel and brass joinery, even before you enter. The facade imitates traditional bamboo construction, prevalent in the Japanese building culture.

Photo credits: Kampai

In the restaurant space, you will be greeted by cherry blossoms’ pink and wine colour palette. The entire restaurant is divided into three zones with different types of seating. There are two dining spaces on either side of the entrance passageway featuring lavish velvet seating and traditional Japanese wall décor. The space is uniquely displayed with artworks that show changing seasons in Japan.

Photo credits: Kampai

Best from the platter
Coming to scrumptious offerings, nothing could be better than a cold Ramen salad with crab, chicken and soy sauce vinegar dressing. The Tuna and Salmon Maki will surely curb your sushi craving. And for your sweet tooth, we recommend Matcha Tiramisu and Baked Yuzu Cheesecake.

Photo credits: Kampai

Don’t wait. Get used to your chopsticks and make your way for a Japanese izakaya meal in a traditional, yet modern venue. Kampai will do with you what spring does with the cherry trees: it will make you blush!

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