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India has always been recognised as the birthplace of yoga and today, it has spread to every fitness centre across the globe – from LA to Canberra – everyone is jumping on the yoga bandwagon. Of course, its sustained mental high and unmatchable health benefits boost of its religious, cult following. This World Yoga Day, we thought of exploring the native hotbed of yoga and sharing its best-kept secrets with you!

Iyengar Yoga Centre Yogakshema, Delhi

Photo credits: Iyengar Yoga Centre

Iyengar Yoga is a whole school in itself laid down by Dr. B.K.S. Iyengar. He integrated all eight aspects of Ashtanga yoga in one to lend precision and alignment to postures. You will find Nivedita Joshi, one of Iyengar’s pupils, teaching the form in their zen-like Delhi studio. It comes equipped with all the wooden gadgets, belts, and ropes that help the practitioner achieve perfection without diluting its classical effect, so a clear yes-yes if you’d like to merge the benefits of gadgets and yoga.

Contact: 011-2323 4356

Sonakshi Dhamija, Delhi

Photo credits: Sonakshi Dhamija

Trust Sonakshi Dhamija, an inspiring yoga instructor, to bring you a slice of Mysore’s yoga shalas to Delhi. With years of practice and constant learning, Sonakshi has mastered the delivery of intense Ashtanga primary series at her absolutely serene studio in GK. You can also book home sessions if you are seeking individual attention. This mind-body experience consists of asanas, breath work, and one point focus. To talk of the experience, “One does not feel tired post-practice, rather it energises you to start the day with consciousness and attention” says the 25-year old.

Contact: +91-9999556722

Soukya, Bengaluru

Photo credits: Soukya

This holistic health centre comes with the approval seal of Prince Charles and the likes (you can imagine just how good this retreat must be) – nothing short of a paradise in the middle of Bangalore, this one’s an absolute favourite amongst the yoga lovers. Its lush yoga and meditation hall is an open-air circular structure based on the concept of the traditional mud-walled thatched roof hut. While regular classes here might go a little costly, we suggest a staycation at the Soukya that’ll be even more fun to experience.

Contact: +91-9845374400

Pragya Bhatt, Bengaluru

Photo credits: Pragya Bhatt

She hung up her business suit years ago and left the corporate world for a more conscious life, very interestingly her teaching career began quite organically as her friends and colleagues sought her guidance after looking at the visible changes in her body as well as energy. Apart from the group and individual classes, she also offers live virtual sessions for those who do not want distance to come in the way of their practice. Recently, she authored “Beyond Asanas” a fun take on yoga, published by Penguin India. 

Contact: [email protected]

Yoga House, Mumbai

Photo credits: Yoga House

Painted in white and blue, the Yoga House is the perfect place for you if you are looking for a calming environment to practice various forms of Hatha yoga with a trained instructor. But that’s not all, the studio doubles up as a cafe which serves a delectable array of fresh food to extend your overall health choices. Not only food, but you can also get your hands on their organic t-shirts post classes. You can also book yourself personal classes from Maud Chuffart, co-founder of Yoga House, who’s the prime pillar behind the space and a true expert!

Contact: 022-65545001

Shirley Batiwala, Mumbai

Photo Credits: LBB

Ask anyone for a yoga instructor in Colaba and they will recommend Shirley. She and her husband, Rushad conduct group classes in the area where they teach Iyengar yoga with the help of bricks, chairs, and even blankets! Although a private session with Shirley is a tough ask but the one with their trainees is equally remarkable. If you are a newbie to the asana world, you can start with a trial before signing up for the whole month.

Contact: +91 9967394368

Dial the number and bring in some yoga to your life – no luxury is more blissful than a sound mind and body!

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