Founders Aarushi Kumar & Arpan Patel on their unique approach

Aarushi Kumar and Arpan Patel, founders of Jaipur based design space, Studio Kassa, talk  about their love for art, current inspiration and more in this tête-à-tête. Kassa, meaning ‘House of two’, was started by the two like-minded contemporary artists with a line of products that reflect their design sensibilities.

The beginning of Kassa
Kassa is a multidisciplinary brand working in and around upcycling and recycling concepts. We wanted to start a practice that resonates with our lifestyle, or something we would like to carry or use ourselves. The idea was born years back in 2011 when we both decided to work with each other after realising that we are a perfect fix when it comes to creating art/design together. But then we went on to pursue further education and professional experience in the design field, decisively getting back in 2013 to bring “Kassa”. We both share a lure for art and design and hence got the opportunity to explore various design possibilities while working with different materials. Bags and accessories are something we have a fascination for. We believe in preaching design as art or art with utility called design.

Design philosophy
Home (kassa) is where the art is. With our artistic interpretation, each handcrafted piece is a simple story told with a twist - with a graphical look at its core. The unifying trope in our business is the use of craft through a contemporary lens, which also keeps the craft alive.

On their bespoke category of design
Our bespoke collection is made for a particular customer or user. By doing that we try to fill the gap between the customer’s needs and our design.

Current inspiration
It’s about falling in love with what we see. Our inspiration comes from everyday things, anything that catches our eye and captures our imagination. We do have a set idea about the look and feel of each product/or a series through prototypes and sampling. Attempting to break away from the cookie cutter mould, our designer statement pieces follow simple, bold clean lines, tessellations, bauhaus and shapes with minimalist and unconventional designs that are not heavily textured but true art. Kassa’s designs are primarily urban and there is something for everyone. We also keep collecting interesting pieces on our travels and of course photography of all things beautiful is a great inspirational database.

Their eco-friendly range     
Our eco-friendly range of products include bags, shoes, and accessories. These products are crafted using a hybrid material. It has all the makings of a recyclable product. Something for your green minds to chew on! The product looks like paper but doesn't tear at all. On the contrary, small bag can hold up to 10 Kg! It’s light and yet super strong.

Aarushi Kumar completed her graduation in Fine arts and went on to complete her Masters in Art direction (Graphics) from MICA (Mudra Institute of Communication, Ahmedabad) followed by work in advertising as an art director. You can find her work as a freelance graphic artist, painter and illustrator online. Arpan Patel completed his graduation from IICD, Jaipur, in hard material and received a master’s degree from the University of Arts, London in product design. His independent art project ‘Tea Stories’, a solo show, opened at the Jehangir Art Gallery, Mumbai. You can find his work as an artist online.

Find Studio Kassa on Instagram and online.

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