Wellness trends to look forward in 2020


Make a resolution and celebrate 2020 as the year of self-care

According to a study conducted by a healthcare major, more than 80% of the population in India suffers from stress. Reasons are financial, work pressure and personal issues. It’s high time we address this. With the new year approaching soon, we are sure your business strategies, plans and goals-to-achieve-list must be ready. But while we are running behind the growth in our career, we often miss out on the most important aspect of life - our wellbeing. Physical, emotional or spiritual, we can’t be ignoring our wellbeing at any cost. And if you have already realised it, chances are you must be eagerly looking forward to engaging yourself in the best of wellness trends in 2020. The year 2019 however, showed us a plethora of wellness trends, with the rise of wellness retreats in India and yoga and meditation practices all over the world, many people already started their self-care journey. Now before ‘you’ start the new year, let us get you acquainted with the top wellness trends of 2020. 

Cannabis tea

Heard much of hibiscus and chamomile tea? Soon they will be replaced by the miraculous cannabis tea. This year, CBD or Cannabidiol has been one of the major wellness takeaways. You must have heard of CBD creams and oils which quite often popped up all over the internet. With so much of benefits attached, it is soon to be part of day-to-day life. Do you know, apart from tripping you high, cannabis holds the potential of healing the cells and nervous system? Be ready for the calming cuppa which will shoo away all the stress and anxiety. 

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Sound Bath Healing

Wellness these days have taken the route towards inner spirituality. To tackle the anxiety and fast pace of life, indulging yourself into a holistic healing process has become a necessity rather than a luxury. And while yoga and meditation have always been in the mainstream, what seems to be an emerging trend is sound bath healing. In this, calming sounds produced by crystal bowls triggers areas in the brain making you feel more relaxed and stress-free. Well! Till the fact, things make us feel more alive in this chaotic world, adopting new ideas won’t do any harm, right?

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Breathing Apps

The world is in our smartphones where we look for all our needs. Considering this, many app makers have chosen to enhance your wellness regime by inventing various breathing apps. And just to enlighten you with a few facts, practising breathing techniques for 25 minutes daily can be extremely healing. One of the most important activities of our body which we often tend to ignore, breathing, seems to take a new shape through this app. Some apps like Prana Breath and Breathe2Relax have specially designed programmes where you can customise your breathing exercise according to your needs. If you are much convinced you should consider downloading one in your smartphone. 

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There is no denial in the fact that nature has the power to heal. The concept of ecotherapy revolves around indulging in the activities which involve stepping out of the door. It can be anything you like – gardening, horse-riding, trekking or walking. Back in the days where village-style living dominated the most, people were much exposed to nature. It does not just help in boosting the wellbeing but is also prescribed for curing many diseases. And because this kind of ecotherapy is coming forward, why can't we start our day with a brisk walk or little bit of gardening? Being close to nature gives much-needed harmony and calmness. 

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Digital Detox

We all are obsessed with phones and the other tech gadgets – so much so that we haven’t realised how badly it has affected our mental and physical state. Probably you might be thinking of buying a new smartphone in 2020, but hold on before you do that! The research shows that people are now taking a detox route from their smartphones especially from the internet and using the majority of their time for some productive alternatives. While the never-ending feeds will always grab our attention, we suggest you should try this new wellness trend where rather than flocking into the internet you choose to spare that time for some long-left hobby. 

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In the nutshell, make 2020 all about wellbeing for yourself and everyone around you. Making these trends a part of your lifestyle, it’s time to plunge into a healthy start.

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