If you have ever dreamt of visiting space, congratulations, you now don’t need to be an astronaut for that

How far can you fly for a vacation? Do you fancy a holiday destination that is literally out of the world? Well! Taking a trip to outer space is not a far-fetched dream anymore but soon could be a viable holiday destination for all of us (yes, for all of us as Gateway Foundation aims to make space travel accessible for all and not just for the super-rich and extravagant class), though we’ll have to wait to see how true is that! Just like you plan your holidays on a cruise, luxury resort or an exotic destination, it’s time to fasten up your seat belts for space. The Von Braun Rotating Space Station is slated to open its door for the visitors by 2025 and has already secured its place for the world’s first space hotel in the history. Interested? Welcome to the world’s most futuristic and luxurious getaway!

Photo credits: Von Braun Rotating Space Station

What’s in there to host you? 

Unlike other International space stations, the stay at Von Braun Rotating Space Station is designed to make your stay as comfortable as on earth. Interestingly while in space, you still won't float in the air while taking a shower or eating your favourite meal. This space hotel will have different modes of gravity, while some areas will have one-sixth of earth’s gravity, some will feature zero gravity to give you a realistic feel. And to cater more to your adventurous side, you will get to play low-gravity basketball, low-gravity trampolining, and rock climbing, tell us there is something which is not there!

And if we have to speak about the amenities, then it is no less than what a fancy luxurious resort has to offer back on earth. The interiors are planned out like a luxurious boutique hotel, with the use of natural materials and light paint colour. From sparkling gorgeous rooms to the unbeatable distant view of the earth from your window, you can experience it all. 

Photo credits: Von Braun Rotating Space Station

No pre-packed food  

If by any chance you are having a thought of being served with the fixed menu having cold packaged food, do not worry what comes in the package is also an experienced team of world-class chef who would be more than happy to serve you from the fresh a la carte menu. To tell you more, the hotel will have a full-service kitchen with all the dishes you can expect in a Micheline-Star restaurant. Imagine sipping a glass of white wine with a cheese platter and just admiring the beauty of the earth. Isn’t this something magical!

Photo credits: Von Braun Rotating Space Station

Who are the creators?

The first space hotel is planned and framed by The Gateway Foundation, a company that is all set to create a history. The hotel after its launch will be able to accommodate 100 guests per week. The Gateway Foundation is only waiting for commercial flights to space becoming a reality. We can expect that to be happening soon with Elon Musk’s SpaceX, Jeff Bezos’s Blue Origin, and Richard Branson’s Virgin Galactic. While Virgin Galactic is expected to make its first commercial flight later this year, SpaceX is expecting to commence its space operations by the end of 2020. Nothing seems far right now, and anyways space tourism is surely the next big thing now.

Excited for the take-off? Be the first in the lot.

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