Done with the monotonous restaurants in your town? Let’s explore these places offering an experience that’s truly weird.

We bet you won’t find these rare spots unless you look for them, and you should. The question is- would you like to have an enthralling experience while you eat out with your family and friends? No, we definitely do not mean at an ordinary restaurant or a bar! The world has so much to offer when it comes to new experiences; be it the fascinating luxury properties, or the unique concept-based restaurants that are not only different from the rest but they are made to render you speechless.

For the delight of those venturesome souls; we’ve rounded up the wackiest, quirkiest and the most unusual restaurants you should definitely visit.

Fly Dining - Gardens Galleria Mall, Noida

Eating on the rooftop is passé as Fly Dining in Noida is offering a dine-in-the-sky experience where your dining table is hoisted at a height of 160 feet making you feel on top of the world, quite literally. Just in case, you are scared of altitude or have safety concerns bothering you, be rest assured as safety is the utmost priority for the Sky Dining Franchise. To put you at further ease, if a guest feels uncomfortable, the structure can be brought down to the ground level within 30 seconds. We hope this gives you some courage to try this place at least once. What’s more? You get complimentary photographs of your entire feasting experience which means your Instagram feed is also taken care of.

Photo credit: GSTV

The Lockup - Shinjuku City, Kabukicho, Tokyo

Tokyo is known to be the Hub for themed restaurants, but if you’re looking for one of a kind crazy experience, we recommend The Lockup. The haunted vibe of the place is definitely weird yet fun. We suggest you go with a group of friends as the place has a lot to discover while you order snacks and bizarre-looking drinks. Based on the theme of a haunted prison, the restaurant features prison-like rooms for dinner where one person from the group is handcuffed by the lady warden. A night out in Tokyo with your girl gang definitely calls for a reservation at The Lockup.

Photo credit: Vietnam99

Ice Kube Bar- 5 Passage Ruelle Paris

Literally, the ‘coolest bar in Paris’, Ice Kube Bar is thematically drawn from everything and anything ice and remains of a post-apocalyptic world. With the dramatically cold temperature of -20 degree C, the best of cocktails, and stunning ice sculptures; the bar is the only all-ice spot in the city and surely is a lifetime experience you will never forget. The place entertains limited reservation at a time, make sure you plan well in time.

Photo credit: Kube Hotel

Opaque- Santa Monica, California

This may not sound alien but blind for sure. If you haven’t yet experienced dining in the dark, Opaque is definitely your go-to place. Yes, that’s what the place offers - the weirdness of eating blindly. After you place the order, you are being escorted to a dark room where no belongings are allowed except your senses. The food is served by visually impaired waiters who are trained to serve in the dark; another reason that makes it an experience worth exploring at least once. As your other senses are heightened, the food tastes even more flavourful, and the playfulness of eating in the dark makes it even more fun.

Photo credit: Yelp

Apothéke, New York

You might have tried the best of drinks from the best of mixologists, but at Apothéke you get the drinks from a chemistry lab. Confused? Apothéke presents drinks in the most dramatic way almost as a theatre of chemicals, with the most theatrical of shows before serving you a drink. Not just this; there are different performances every day of the week from the most entertaining of crews in New York.

Photo credit: Pinterest

Have you ever been to a weird restaurant like these before? We’d love to know about your experience in the comment section below.

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