Fall in love with the Changi Airport all over again

An entertainment canopy park with the four-story lush gardens, sky nets, mirror and hedge mazes; a thrilling forest valley with utterly serene flower displays and hiking trails; and a majestic centrepiece of a 40 metre high indoor waterfall (the world’s biggest so far!) – no, we aren’t describing a fancy amusement park, they are in fact the newest aesthetic attractions of the world’s best Singapore Changi Airport – the airport that’s sitting on the throne for seven years in running. The Changi airport already has a special place in the hearts of the visitors owing to its beautiful butterfly garden, awe-inspiring art installations, and rooftop pool, all confining inside a dreamy dome that was conceptualised by an Israeli architect Moshe Safdie, the man behind the famous Marina Bay Sands; But the aforementioned additions have made it an absolute heaven of leisure.

Video credits: Jewel Changi Airport

Besides the stunning-ness, it has about 100 hotel rooms and over 300 dining and shopping joints so that your stay and food is also responsibly taken care of. It hasn’t been a week since the attraction is open for traveller’s pleasure and before you know it, Changi has become a predominant tourist attraction already – its incredible revamp is a reason enough for planning a trip to Singapore very soon.

Photo credits: Lonely Planet

Photo credits: Architectural Digest

Photo credits: Lonely Planet

Photo credits: Lonely Planet

Photo credits: Lonely Planet

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