All things you need to know about this natural beauty trend

Clean beauty started off years back at an unhurried pace late until 2019 but now, this trend – may you call it clean beauty, green beauty or conscious beauty – has come upfront with a serious momentum and in no-time gained popularity everywhere. From beauty enthusiasts’ shopping carts to the renowned brick and mortars – it’s ubiquitous! If by chance you happen to be a newbie to it, do not worry as we unlock everything you need to know – keep scrolling, lies ahead some of the best products to try right now.

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What is clean beauty?

Fear of synthetics and love for natural products have driven this wellness trend to the forefront. It’s all together a new standard of beauty that promises non-toxic ingredients and conscious resourcing ensuring that the products are safe and pure for both – you and the environment.

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Enticed to get on this clean beauty bandwagon?

Follow these simple rules and you’ll be all set to go a degree greener.

Rule 1: Diligently get in the habit of reading the labels

Four primary heavy hitters to get rid of: parabens, petroleum jelly, formaldehyde, and microbeads. Having said that, keep a keen eye on ISO certifications to know the difference between reality and lip service. 

Rule 2: Clean beauty products are not difficult to find

Unlike 10 years ago, clean beauty products are easily available at e-boutiques and offline stores – we suggest Sephora and Target for their really good offerings.

Rule 3: Don’t toss your entire synthetics in one go

Change does not need to happen in one go, we suggest taking baby steps starting from eye makeup (considering they have less shelf life) to lip essentials to skin care and eventually hair care. This slow-process will give enough time to understand what are the products that you like and which ones can be fairly passed.

Rule 4: Be conscious not only of the potions but its packaging too

Buying a clean product that's environment-friendly is an added bonus, right? So, next time you go to shop-clean, do not miss out on the packaging – if it’s sustainable, recycled or biodegradable, it’s a yes!

We have curated a few cult-favourite products to help get you started.

Photo credits: Juice Beauty’s Stem Cellular CC Cream by Sephora

Photo credits: Facial moisturizers by Forest Essential

Photo credits: 6 Step Organic Skincare Regime by Just herbs

Photo credits: Charcoal Deodorant by Primally Pure

Photo credits: Body care range by Bamford

Photo credits: Josie Maran’s Vibrancy Argan Oil Fresh Face Paint Palette by Sephora


When celebrities like Emma Watson, Anne Hathaway and Miranda Kerr are rooting for green causes, this trend must seek your interest too. So plan now!

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