An easy, fun and effective way to battle the summer sun

We all know the drill of thick, greasy, oily sunscreens, and of course the breakouts duh! Thanks to the Californian women who gave voice to this real inconvenience of the creamy concoction of SPFs and pioneered a magic wand that brushes off all of your sun-centric worries while keeping your skin fresh and light like a feather – we’re talking the powder sunscreens (yes, that’s a thing!) – these are the new generation of breathable, colourless and imperceptible powders that are all the rage. Although the fashionistas, celebrities, and beauty connoisseurs were relatively privileged to experience it a little early but finally to our solace this wonderful innovation is coming forward mainstream to your list of beauty essentials.

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About Powder Suncreens It’s like your pack of goodness just got a whimsical makeover – soft bristle brush, fancy packaging and a lot more ease and fun to use. According to cosmetic chemist Stephen Alain Ko, the active ingredients of powder sunscreens are Zinc and Titanium Dioxide, which are same as of the cream or liquid ones but in a powder formulation. Ingredient wise, it’s the same warrior in the battle against the sun but a sweetheart when it comes to application.

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How to use it? It’s a count of one, two and three; swivel the bottle once, let the powder dispense on your brush and then generously sweep oodles of it across your face – you can carry it along to almost any place from your morning Pilates class to the afternoon brunch to the dinner party, and if we talk about the application – it’s that easy that you won’t even need a mirror. And ladies hold your heartbeat because the best part is yet to come – you can swipe it on your full makeup face as many times as you want and it won’t mess up with your foundation, ain’t that a real relief?

Excited to bring it home? Give these favorite ones a shot!

Colorescience Sunforgettable Mineral SPF 50 Sunscreen Brush Scoring a number of awards and recommendations, this custom-made chemical-free sunscreen helps you stay radiant for a lasting time without damaging your skin at all, all thanks to the natural minerals it’s infused with. With a whopping SPF 50 protection and 80 minutes water resistance formula, this is the perfect sunscreen for your next tropical getaway!

Photo credits: Colorescience

Jane Iredale: Powder Me Dry Sunscreen SPF 30 Jane Iredale is here to make your life easy, all you need to do with this fuss-free product is to open the cap and do the dab-dab game on the exposed areas and voila, your skin is protected for hours. This is light as air and offers a natural looking, subtle coverage, making your face look velvety and dewy sans the greasy feel.

Photo credits: Winslow Skincare

Eminence No.0 Translucent Sun Defense MineralsThis weightless full coverage veil is perfect for those who want to sport a no makeup face and still desire to look naturally flawless from athletes to adventurous souls, this product is gaining popularity for its amazing enveloping skills.

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Ready for the upgrade ladies? Get, set and dab!

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