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Ever dreamt of having a pink house? Here we get you a mature version of your whimsy

In the world of interiors, colour trends keep changing from time to time. And one colour that has taken up a storm from quite some time is the ‘millennial pink’. Like it or not but pink is here to stay. It is chic, young, bold, and everything that an unsettling heart yearns for. But despite that, it’s still deemed as one of the most experimental colours to be chosen for your manor’s wall colour. But don’t worry we are here sorting all your ‘which’ and ‘why’ problems. From pale pastel to rich mauve to gorgeous rosy shade there are ample of options which you can choose from and are pretty much the mature sisters of the razzle-dazzle pink. 

Still stuck in the pink maze? Find your way. 

Electric Pink

If your style is bold and bright (or electric, if we may say), then this shade might be the just-perfect choice to let your manor embody your personality. Make it your bedroom or vanity’s highlight or even better, paint your living room with this glamour-full hue to give the first impression right. And while ‘pink’ is mostly associated with the girly vibe, this shade will set up a different norm altogether – not just does it reflect maturity, but also impersonates a luxurious and sophisticated taste. We are sure, you will get hooked to this colour very soon.

Photo credits: Architectural Digest

Peachy Wave 

Pink does not need to be dominating bright or dark always, sometimes the shades merely belonging from the same family can do wonders – take this peachy shade as your answer for a soother and calmer looking room. You can choose to paint your bedroom, bathroom, foyer, and almost any space with this shade, wherever you want to illuminate a minimalistic vibe. The advantage is that it blends beautifully with any kind of furniture you may like to combine with.  

Photo credits: House Beautiful

Pink Fluid 

This pink shade is a true accent of fun and life. While the colour is extremely eye-catchy and gives a louder vibe, you can choose to paint it in blocks, or less used wall spaces. The shade will go well if painted in the kitchen and bathroom area teamed with white or beige counterparts. Add wooden furniture, a few of antiques, and your house will look nothing less than picture-perfect!

Photo credits: Elle Decor

Classic Mauve 

Perfect for dining room setup, mauve is just too relaxing and soothing. Its gracefulness and subtlety will reflect your inner personality that believes in understated beauty. Apart from your dining room, you can also choose to paint this rich shade in your lobby. We suggest pairing this subtle hue with a pastel colour palette of salmon pink, lilac, and pale chalky blue to create a more delicate and refreshing space for yourself.

Photo credits: Architectural Digest

Hot Pink 

Matching to your favourite lipstick, hot pink is for your diva-like-soul. The shade sizzles its style to satiate your girly heart and how! Paint your bedroom with it keeping everything white for a change from the usual, expected palettes. Take a risk, and we assure you’ll love it.  

Photo credits: Pinterest

Ready to paint your world pink? 

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