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Up your game with the latest tile trends of 2019

Who doesn't fancy the illustration of art full of character on the walls and floors of their home? The tile trend of the year promise to fulfil all your desires of switching from a mundane canvas with the unique designs, shapes, colours, textures, and styles that are enduring yet aesthetically pleasing.

Here we go with our curation of the most trending ones to help you spruce up your space with a modern touch you can't resist falling in love with. 

Moorish hand painted tiles

Photo credits: Pinterest

Patterns are here to make an impression with a statement and if you love conventional art, Moorish inspired hand painted tiles are just meant for you. With authentic inspirations, serpentine designs and pragmatic craftsmanship these tiles will make for a perfect feature wall in your master bedroom; in fact, the use of deep hues like blue, green and burgundy make it even more desirable. The versatility of these patterns will not let you stop at your bedroom, go ahead and replace your kitchen’s basic backsplash with these hand-painted tiles to beautifully camouflage the space.

Glistening metallics

Photo credits: Original Style

Oh yes, metallics are not only reigning inside your wardrobe but outside too! If you’re amongst the unconventional homemakers and metallic hue is your treasure then you have a free hand by the Industry’s eminent designers houses – whether you keep it confined to smaller hints of silver and copper or transform your wall into an illustrious piece of art with shining gold tiles, the outcome will leave you thrilled with admiration.

Go Herringbone

Photo credits: Hunted Interior (L); The Interior Editor (R)

Herringbone is a directional pattern with a strong resemblance to the bones of the Herring fish. These tiles are the best to add that chic element to your home and at the same time get your floor and walls compliment each other in a perfect fashion. Alongside the wide variety of designs, the rectangular arrangement of tiles adds some drool-worthy geometric drama to your space. We would surely recommend using this for the pallet wall of your living room or a backdrop panel for your shower to infuse instant luxury.

Welcome the new Brown

Photo credits: Interior Edit

To your surprise, wood is still the most loved choice for interiors (Did the bubble burst?). From walls to floors and Hickory to Mahogany, wooden tiles are here to stay and this time in huge variety of patterns and contrasting colours. In fact, grey is the most trending; it’s relatively cooler and goes pretty well with the summer vibe. To accentuate it more don't shy away from adding some floral elements to your décor – printed-upholstered chairs in vibrant colours will do perfectly!

If you dearly like to make your private sanctuary look the best, then these tile trends are your best choice. Brace up your style ninja lady!

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