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Pendant lights to match your liking and need!

Kitchen special pendant light is a perfect piece of jewelry you can gift to your cooking space. Yes, pendants are in the trends, and for good reason! It accentuates your décor and is a great medium to complement the other dominant décor themes. Moreover pendant lights make for gorgeous focal points aesthetically in any space while doubling the lighting source, after all, no other light will come as far down to your work or wok surface. From basic brass, cast iron to wedge wood, there are numerous of range available to choose. To help fine line your choice from the infinite range of these beautiful options, here’s a guide to choosing the type and style of pendant light according to your liking and need.

Stylish Wood

Wood undoubtedly adds up to the sophistication while keeping things a lot organic and nature-esque. Stylish wood pendant lights can light up the place with reflections aiming your cooktop – whether you are looking for a light that emanates a warm, soft glow or one that casts a dramatic light, selecting the right wood shade will help you control these details. This stylishly designed electric pendant from Pepperfry will brighten up the kitchen decor in the most artistic way.

Photo credits: Pepperfry

Elegant Cast Iron

Setting an exemplary illumine for your chic kitchen, a concrete ceiling pendant light can hold superlative indispensability, a style where you just cannot go wrong! This masterpiece from The Black Steel is made of fly ash and deliver a sustainable eco-friendly product – the arms which are made up of iron will surely sustain its looks for the years to come. Let it swing in your kitchen for accomplishing a heavenly amalgamation of modish and vintage feels.

Photo credits: The Black Steel

Glass Touch

If your kitchen is on the closer side, using glass pendant light can solve the lighting issue. This forever-green design of inverted cup-shaped glass beautifully hangs from a metal supporter, giving a minimalistic look it can also be placed in a kitchen of any size and interior. White Teak has a plethora of glass pendant lights for you to choose.

Photo credits: White Teak

After all, you need to have that perfect statement-making lighting when you’re hosting a party and everyone ends up hanging out in the kitchen, right?

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