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Presenting the Dragonfly collection which is Italian and bespoke, need we say more?

What’s a better way to make your abode revel to the festival of lights? Yes, you guessed so – lighting! Just in time for Diwali, Delhi-based Ottimo has launched a bespoke collection of lights by the famous Italian luxury brand Cipriani Homood which was founded in the historic Tuscan city of Pisa, hence, known for its luxurious spaces and sophisticated interiors. The bespoke light collection brings to your manor an ultra-stylish Italian design and unerring workmanship that aesthetically gives birth to a sleek, geometric, and stunningly minimal appearance but with maximum impact. 

Photo credits: Ottomo

All about ‘Dragonfly’ by Cipriani Homood

The Dragonfly Lights collection comprises floor lamps, table lamps, and modern chandeliers inspired by the gossamer-like dragonfly. Known as the harbinger of the winds of change, the dragonfly takes on a whimsical avatar in this collection and reaches out to metal, wood, and fabric to create dramatic pieces in captivating, cage-like metallic structures, which further reaches up to meet finest fabrics that allow soft light to diffuse the room. The metallic cylinder lamps that melt themselves into light frames embody an aesthetic class apart – when soft light reflects off the slim metallic bars the view depicts nothing but a dragonfly dancing off with open.

Photo credits: Ottomo

According to Ashok Basoya, founder Ottimo, “The Dragonfly Lights collection reminds one of all that is fleeting yet eternally beautiful in life. The lights are the piece de resistance for those moments of grace that fill a house and make it a home.” What else would you look for, right? Although initially these were designed to accentuate the brand’s furniture and furnishings collection by the same name, later turned out as a great statement piece by themselves. 

Photo credits: Ottomo

About Ottimo

Ottimo began life as an idea to showcase the best of Italian furniture in India. The brainchild of Ashok Basoya, it soon took on a life of its own and today represents some of the best-known brands in Italian interiors alongside his own in house brand – Ottimo. Backed by years of expertise, patented technologies and innovative designs, Ottimo’s showcase traverses sofas, beds, doors, walls and floorings, kitchens, children’s room, rooms within rooms, studio apartments, kitchen appliances, home automation, and more. 

Photo credits: Ottomo

As you get Diwali ready this year, take a quiet moment to reflect on the beauty of the dragonfly and the lights it has inspired – whose sleek and quiet presence will add an effortless style to your space.

Shop this amazing collection at Ottimo, New Delhi 

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