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Here’s how you go for utility while making a style statement with your kitchen

The island kitchen trend is an instant classic and will never retire – the freestanding and footed islands in the cooking space can make an upside-down change to your kitchen’s existing aesthetics. Adding an old-world furniture feel, these footed islands make a kitchen look more airy and open, whether it’s a custom build or an antique piece. Also, apart from adding a contemporary chic look, these masterpieces can turn out to be a huge storage saviour option. From adding bar space to adding a few extra drawers for your cutlery, you can smartly play with the design and make it more functional. 

To make it easier for you, we have come up with some of the unique and best storage ideas for your island kitchen. A piece of advice: Keep it simple with the lines, nothing too ornate and you will have for yourself a stunning kitchen centrepiece.

Add bookshelves for your cookbooks

This is a trend that is catching up in the most contemporary-style kitchens, with sleek open shelves at the front being filled up with colourful books that add a hint of uniqueness to the space. A pair of pre-made bookcases can form for the base for your bookshelf island kitchen or you could also try making it yourself. The shelving units create instant storage for cookbooks or baskets filled with kitchen utensils without complicated construction.

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Feel the drawers

Island Kitchen usually opens up the scope of having deep drawers with divided crockery segments. Keeping crockery and other bulky everyday items in deep, easy-to-pull-out island drawers mean you can wave goodbye to lifting a precarious pile of plates up into (or down from) a cupboard. Make sure your chosen design can take a decent amount of weight, and that the drawers are deep enough to store bigger pots and pans if necessary.

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Make room for your favourite wine collections

It’s always fun to have a glass of wine with soft music playing in the backdrop while you cook your favourite dish. You can make a very handy spot for fitting in a wine rack storing all your collections together. To make it look more sophisticated, hand the upright wine rack just above the island so from the next time when guests are home, you exactly know how to serve wine in style.

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Think outside the Kitchen

It’s not necessary that an island with storage has to have all kitchen equipments. Think creatively when you’re using the space and incorporate various other items too. As the heart of the home, your kitchen welcomes its fair share of guests and that makes it the perfect room for showing off your favourite collectables. Souvenirs from various countries you have visited, those iconic vintage lamps or grandma’s cutlery which are not in use now have a better place to add to your kitchen’s aesthetic value.

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So go ahead and think outside just a typical cabinet box! You just might realize that inside your island kitchen can be a whole new world than you ever expected.

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