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If you are battling from anxiety, follow these simple changes at home and feel the change

Though it is sad to acknowledge, today anxiety and stress have penetrated in everyone’s life. Who’s to be blamed? Maybe the kind of life we are leading is pushing us towards loneliness and seclusion. Mental health these days needs more frequent open discussions than ever before. Living with anxiety is a real struggle and sometimes can pull you down. While there are many therapies and counselling sessions available for relief, there are small little changes you can do to curb the anxiety situation.  One way is to make your living space a relaxing oasis which throws out all the uncomfortable vibes. Home should be a place where you long to be in and can have a fundamental effect on health. With everything from the colour of the walls to freeing up space to adding a few relaxing elements like candles, your abode can be a catalyst to overcome anxiety and stress. With this in mind, we’ve put together a few ways your interiors can be used to combat anxiety.

Keep free spaces

Home spaces are like mind, the more you keep it clutter-free the more you’ll feel relaxed. If you have too much clutter in your home space, chances are you will worsen up your anxiety issue. Instead of using small décor items use large and rather few pieces to decorate your house. Though it might sound vague, filling up your home with books create a confusing environment. To solve the concern, you can embrace the empty space by filling your bookshelves half while keeping the other half free. Summing it up, keep everything spacious, keep it clean and allow yourself to breathe in positivity.

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Have a look at this multipurpose bookshelf from Wooden Street

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Keep vases with fresh flowers

Apart from providing natural aesthetic beauty, fresh flowers soothe the mind and lower down the stress level. And trust us on this, keeping it in a glass vase in your living room is as therapeutic as chanting OM.  So, for the sake of your mental health and wellbeing, don’t forget to pick some fresh bundle when passing through a flower market. Expert tip: Lavender among all can do wonders.

Picture credits: Mbuy

Have a look at this plain and minimalistic glass vase from Address Home

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Hide the technology

You might be overlooking the main culprit, technology. Though they are a great addition to today’s lifestyle, they are also related to noise and disruption. And for those who are already struggling with anxiety, technology can lead to additional stress. So, cut yourself from the habit of turning on the TV, or scrolling your phone feed unnecessarily. You can have a proper media cabinet at your home which will keep them away from your sight.

Picture credits: Robinsons Beds

You can choose to hide all your media gadget in this boho-styled beautiful Cabinet

Boho Sideboard With Three Drawers
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Use scented candles 

We all know that scented candles have been used for centuries to promote healing and enhance meditation. As it melts away all your worries, its soulful fragrance can easily transform your mood. And for helping with anxiety, till date, it’s the best practice. So, what are you waiting for? Bring home your favourite piece of candle and inhale the positivity every evening.

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This Amber flavoured candle from Diptyque can be a perfect treat.

Scented Candle - Ambre (Amber)
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Keep your kitchen clean

Do you keep your kitchen messy? Don’t! According to a few pieces of research, it has been found out that a messy kitchen can trigger anxiety, thus keeping the space clean can reduce stress levels. Take out a few minutes to whisk the wet swiper across the kitchen floor and feel akin to the soothing effects of meditation.

Picture credits: Thrive Global

So, if you're a person who suffers from anxiety, embrace these simple ideas that are proven to ease out anxiety. And most importantly, stay positive!

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