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Create a masterpiece out of your bedroom with these smart layout ideas

Planning a bedroom of your dreams does not come subliminally to everyone, as a good sense of direction, spatial organization, as well as colour coordination, can be a tricky skill to master. The basics are quite easy to get a knack of and typically start with one bed and flanking bedside tables but it’s the harrowing questions like, What about those awkward corners? What if the room doesn't allow two nightstands to stand or cannot home a proper dresser? Where exactly the rug should be positioned in the room? Or for a very basic but tricky question, Where exactly your bed should be placed? that give you sleepless nights.

Doing up your dream bedroom can be quite a task but, with a few ingenious hacks, you can materialize your ideal room. These tasteful ideas for bedrooms that can help you nail your floor plan without breaking into a sweat!

Strategically placing your bed

Your bed is the highlight of the room, and it naturally becomes the focal point, placing your bed against the centre of the wall or exactly opposite to the entrance of the room makes for a bold statement as the headboard then becomes the centre of attention. Placing the bed right in the middle of the room can be an unconventional choice but when staged carefully, this can be very elegant and original and aesthetically appealing as well.

Photo credits: Architectural Digest Middle East

A clothing rack to the rescue!

Ditch your traditional closet to give your bedroom a spacious vibe, and a great way to take care of your storage worries is a detached clothing rack. Paired with accented furniture, it gives just that little touch of industrial flair that totally makes for an absolute style statement and transforms your room into an Insta-worthy boudoir.

Photo credits: My Smart Blinds

Filling that awkward corner

In our chaotic lives, a stress-free afternoon or even five minutes to oneself counts as luxury and this fantastical space can easily be created by adding elements that perfectly fit the corner of your bedroom, a reading corner with a desk, sofa chairs, etc. can help to fill those awkward corners. A statement chair along with a focussed lamp is a perfect complement to veer toward for your reading nook.

Photo credits: Pinterest

Solving your seating problems smartly

Placing a bench at the foot of your bed to create a quick and easy spot to rest, is highly recommended if you are running out of space in your bedroom but need to incorporate a sitting area, this makes for an effective perch to put on or take off your shoes or a perfect hold for your bags, extra clothes, and pillows or even a stack of books. As a rule of thumb choose a bench that is the same width or slightly smaller than your bed so that it blends effortlessly into your bedroom décor as an extension rather than an obstruction.

Photo credits: Cercamp

Rug it up!

Depending on the size of your room, the rug arrangement can make your room feel more spacious and comfy, putting an area rug slightly under your bed gives a depth to the décor as the open floor space creates an illusion of space, also one can experiment with diagonal placement of rugs as it really goes well when used in the corners or just under large windows.

Photo credits: Brooks Photography


We all agree that at the end of a tiring day, there is nothing better than lying between fresh crisp sheets and these tips surely help to make your bedroom stylish yet functional and calming without making it look like a soulless show home.

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