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Whether pastel, woody, retro or floral – your décor choices tell you a lot about yourself

‘Home’ is a sense of belongingness — a feeling, of being safe, comfortable, and happy that holds memories and nostalgia of loved ones. In the story of your life, your home is the protagonist, who has witnessed all ups and downs, your all joy and sorrow and probably holds the credit of making some part of your unique persona. After all, when feeling ‘at home’ is bliss and much attainable peace, why can’t your home be a reflection of who you are as a person? 

Mostly home designs are often a blend of styles that you may have gathered over the years. And you might not overtly think it, but your personal space speaks much about your choices, preferences and tastes. And to decode the mystery we have connected your personality DNA with decade specific home interiors. So, whether you are a 70s retro fan or 90s young minimalistic by heart, each style depicts your inner-self. Excited to figure out yours? Read on.

The 1950s – When Pastel Was The New Cool

The 1950s was the decade of exuberance, which showcased a positive approach towards life. And when we speak about 1950s household, the emphasis was much given to comfort and leisure. If your house is inspired by the 50s, chances are your walls are painted in mint green, pale yellow, turquoise or as simple as grey, brown or cream. Taking cues from the mid-century, your 1950s inspired home speaks much about your comfort-seeking personality just like pastel, Scandinavian and modern colour schemes. 

If you are a seeker of Mid-Century Modern designs, you are likely to make a statement. We are sure you have a clear artistic personality and like to live a balanced life. But in between also the clutter-free life, you are a seeker of uber-luxury and lusts for a lavish lifestyle. You make an impression wherever you go and that’s your catch. Wink! 

Photo credits: Architectural Digest

The 1960s – Inhaling wood

1960 had revolutions in its air, and so did the rebellion vibe entered each home. When the traditional past was getting rejected and new trends were celebrated, what came into a larger picture was the use of woods. The 1960s no doubt was an all-wood decade. Entering a 1960s inspired home is like walking into a richly furnished pavilion, a securely sheltered space under a broad roof resting on substantial stone piers with wooden furniture scattered all around. Also, how can we forget those traditional looking wood-panelled rooms?

If you still love to live in those old days, and your home smells all wood—you are among the rebellion and reformer squad. You like discipline in your life and quite strict about your principles. Though soft from inside, people are yet a bit scared by you. Isn’t it? 

Photo credits: Architectural Digest

The 1970s – Going All Dreamy and Retro

The century for style, creativity and all things jazz, the 70s was the decade of bright colours, layered textures and warm atmosphere. Somewhat bohemian, somewhat retro, the goal was to make home space look finely balanced. Moroccan or Southwestern art pieces were quite popular and people intended to add these in their home aesthetics making it visually appealing. Calling it to be true vintage, the 70s splash is all about having a playful corner. 

If your interior design speaks such details, then probably you are a free-spirited person. You are unique and eccentric who enjoys living life in organized chaos. You like to keep things bright and fun because that’s what makes things interesting! 

Photo credits: Architectural Digest

The 1980s – Going Floral

Floral design is especially pertinent when discussing the design themes of homes back in the 1980s. It is characterized by simple lines with light colours that work together to create a very peaceful and tranquil environment. After all, in the 80s floral was in, remember all the floral dresses and jumpsuits you had? So it all reflected in the home spaces too. Whether it’s the floral curtains, to the cushions, to rugs or even design on sofas or tables floral print motifs could be spotted everywhere.

Floral style is not just a design aesthetic for you, it’s a way of living. And you agree if you still like to keep a hint of little bit flowery in every corner of your house. And just like a new bloom in the garden, you’re often a calming presence around your family and friends.

Photo credits: Architectural Digest

The 1990s – All white and chaste

If everything is in fifty shades of beige at your house, you are living in the 90s. The decade of all-white and chaste was inspired by the minimalistic approach where people started decorating their homes in different white hues. From walls, carpets to furniture, everything had a neutral approach. Also, if you are among the 90s lover lot, there are high chances that overstuffed leather recliner has taken over your living room. 

If you have a 90s design aesthetic then you’re probably a minimalist. We are quite sure that you have a no-fuss style of living and likes to keep things simple. Though the design is important, you’re also all about functions and practicality, so if a piece appeals to your minimalist zeal and has a functional purpose, it’s a no brainer for your home. You are one among the smart sapiens!

Photo credits: Architectural Digest

Isn’t it like, intentionally or unintentionally, you have created another ‘you’. Do you feel more connected to your home now? 

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