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Six ridiculously simple yet very effective ways for a brilliant day off work

Thanks to myriad festivals through the year, we Indians end up getting a day off every other month or so. Not all of them can be extended weekends reserved for a trip to the nearest hill town; nor do they all need to be sleeping-in-Netflix-pizza days. You can have a very interesting one day that makes you feel great at the end of it and possibly also makes your coming week a pleasanter one. Here’s how.

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Be a stranger in your city | Some anonymity every now and then is therapeutic. Go to a place where you’re unlikely to run into any friends or acquaintances – could as well be a touristy site of your city – and explore it afresh. Just roam around like a tourist, walk in to a café or restaurant you haven’t been to before and possibly even click photos the way you do when you’re on a real tour.

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Try outfit combinations you haven’t worn before | This one should be a lot of fun. You could start with a closet cleanout and use pieces you haven’t worn in a long time to create new outfits. Pairing pink with red, getting in action an old animal print muffler, or putting to work a pair of cargo pants with a cardigan – try it all; you just might discover a new go-to ensemble. Use Pinterest and Instagram for inspiration if need be.

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Take a look at your bank statements | If you are super-organized and actively aware of every single transaction that happens through your bank accounts, please skip to the next point; else, if you’re like most of us, get these things in order! You need to keep regular track of your finances to be able to make smart spending, saving and investing decisions.

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Write a letter | A real letter in paper and pen we’d prefer; but if not that then at least a good, long old-fashioned email. Write to someone you truly care about – tell them how much they mean to you – and do it sans hesitation or insecurities.

Photo credits: Nathan Boadle

Give in to nostalgia and create room for more | Bring out that laminated album of old photographs of the days when you wore ribbons in your hair and shiny Mary Janes on your feet. Dwell on the memories of the past and once you’re done, quickly choose the best ones from your recent pictures and order beautiful matte-finish prints of them – so you’ll have something to look at on another day off a decade or two from today.

Cry | If you are one of those who seldom have the luxury of venting, use your day off to do just that. Lock the door, turn some music on and cry as much as your heart desires. For all the grief of being wronged, for all the guilt of doing wrong, on this day, in one stretch, let it out.

Last, let no one tell you how to spend your day off – it’s your day, be the Queen of it!

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