Embracing your Naturally Curly Hair

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From an all-curly runway to awesome products for your tresses

Curly hair has always been the artist's muse and a symbol of romanticism – if you’ve been portrait-watching in art museums around the world, you definitely know what we are talking about. And even with all renaissance and romanticism aside, the texture, volume and soft charisma of curls is quite as much a complement to modern day femininity. The world is flamboyantly embracing them – from a runway show dedicated to curlies to most amazing products – it’s the golden age of naturally curly hair.

Photo credits: Zimmermann (L), Simkhai (R) from Harper's Bazaar

Texture on the Runway | Back in September this year, at the New York Fashion Week for Spring 2019 collections, this spirited show had models parading the ramp in their naturally curly hair with all clothes and accessories being ancillary. When an entire runway show of one of the most important fashion weeks of the year pays an ode to natural hair textures, we know it’s time to ditch the irons, smootheners, straighteners or anything else that coerces hair into a fixed standard of acceptability.

Photo credits: Pinterest

If you are a curly-haired beauty, you know how tricky it is to get your care and style routine in order. One wrong product and the headstrong ringlets go awry. Your specific requirements include intense hydration and curl definition. So catch up with the spirit of naturalistas with products that nurture your curls to make them look as gorgeous as they deserve to be.

Innersense Hydrating Cream Hair bath

Photo credits: With Love Delaney (L), Pinterest (R)

This Innersense shampoo hydrates like magic. It’s silicone-free – something that curly hair vehemently demands of a shampoo. Followed by a conditioner from the same range, you’ll have moisturized, well-defined and ultra-soft curls.

Curl Maker by Camille Rose
If a light-weight styling product that gives an enviable shape and shine to your curls is what you desire, Curl Maker will meet or exceed your expectations. High on natural ingredients and low on chemicals, this is one of the best curly hair jellies out there. The brand was also a participant and sponsor at Texture on the Runway.

Photo credits: Camille Rose (L), DevaCurl (R)

DevaCurl Low-Poo Original Mild Lather Cleanser
The three culprits of curls – sulphates, parabens and silicones – are all 100% absent from this amazing curly hair shampoo. It gives a healthy bounce even to the finest of hair, and the scalp feels remarkably clean in just one rinse.

Mielle Organics Deep Cleansing Co-Wash

Photo credits: Beautiful Health

When you want to refresh the hair without going through a proper wash that inevitably strips the mane of some moisture, a co-wash is the solution. And this one by Mielle Organics does its job incredibly well. It adds moisture and eliminates frizz while making hair easy to detangle. The thoughtful selection of natural ingredients also ensures good long-term hair health.

Now, the last and the most important ingredient towards making your hair appear its best – acceptance. Love your curls, tune in to its unique personality and care for it the way it commands!

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