A medley of contrasts between old and new, masculine and feminine

Inspired by gates from 19th century France and traditional kimonos from Japan, Fendi’s Pre-Fall collection is heavy on intricate patterns in embroidery, print and cutouts, all the while keeping a contemporary structure intact. Where there are hourglass silhouettes, there also are boxy ones; and where there are breezy silk dresses interspersed with lace, there also are heavy polo neck knits.

Photo credits: Les Facons

Cropped pants with below-the-knee coats | These straight-leg crop pants will make for the perfect work uniform. The only caveat: unless you’re a 5’8 something, you’ll need to wear them with a pair of high heels every time – we totally love the hybrid slingback loafers in the pictures, by the way.

Photo credits: Les Facons

Plisse skirts | One of these asymmetrical plisse skirts goes straight to the high-priority section of our shopping list. The versatility of the off-white skirt or the statement-making baroque print of the deep-red one, which one do you prefer? And while we are at it, what do you think of the print-on-print pairing on the right?

Photo credits: Les Facons

Silk dresses with lace interlays | Fendi has played around with a good deal of lace in its Pre-Fall collection – a possible extension of sleepleisure. You could try the quirky dress-and-trouser pairing here, a very prominent trend of Pre-Fall 2019.

Photo credits: Les Facons

Big pockets | Fendi went all out with pockets that could as well replace handbags in its spring collection – and we see traces of the same here again. Be it the overcoat with zippered pockets or the turquoise shirt-jacket, it’s raining utilitarianism once again – not without the essential element of beauty though.

Photo credits: Les Facons

Waists cinched with industrial buckles | A rather ugly way of achieving the unmistakably pretty hourglass silhouette – the echoes of ugly fashion don’t seem to be dying down any time soon. Besides, didn’t we mention already that the collection is all about contrasts?

What do you say to the fresh, contrasting, French-gates-and-kimono inspired collection? Will it find space in your closet?

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