When in Paris, be sure you experience these luxe wine and dine stations

What if we tell you that after reading this, you would be keen to explore the gourmet stratosphere on your next trip to Paris? Yes! You read it right, the fashion capital is also known for serving excellent food with world's most tasteful wines and of course, the breath-taking view of the Eiffel Tower. The perfect amalgamation of unmissable food, wine and views – what else should you ask for? So let’s not do more of talking and dive in straight to know more about these must-try wine and dine restaurants that offer the best of best French and Italian cuisine that you might have ever popped in your mouth. 

L'Oiseau Blanc Restaurant, 19 Avenue Kléber

After a hectic day of shopping and exploring the city all you really need is a rooftop restaurant that showcases the glorifying Eiffel Tower in the evening with appeasing robust wines along with best of French cuisine. L'oiseau Blanc at 19 Avenue Kléber seems to be the perfect destination to match your whimsies. The seating décor with white table covers, coffee brown furniture and accents, rich blue cushions will just add to the beauty of the already beautiful spread and mouth-watering trout, which is from the Burgundy region and Grand Cru wine famous to make you fall in love with it just by the aroma.

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Le George, 31 Avenue George V

Nothing can beat the authentic Italian dishes served in the French capital, isn't it? Consider Le George your best option. The place is beautifully adorned with minimalistic tones on the walls and the furniture that exudes nothing but sophistication. The timeless yet chic design of the space with a sheeny-shiny chandelier reflects peaceful and optimistic vibes. The restaurant offers an exceptional range of wines with gourmet Italian dishes like Tagliolini pasta or the poultry Caesar. What's more? If you're ‘really’ looking for a restaurant that showcases the best sunset view where the sun dives at the backdrop of the Eiffel Tower, then you know where to go.

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Le Ciel de, 56 Montparnasse

Explore Le Ciel de, where the futuristic interiors meet celestial lightings. The restaurant brings the revolutionary beauty with French bites that will give you a finger-licking experience. The geometrical shape of the furniture with structural patterns will give you the sense of ultimate leisure and somewhat an otherworldly feelings (but with the Eiffel tower in sight). If your appetite is drawn to healthy food, then the lobster salad with spring vegetables and truffle vinaigrette is the best option for you. To boost the flavour of your salad, try some Bouchard Father & Son wine.

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6 New York, 6 Avenue

If you're that observant soul who looks for extraordinary ambience with drool-worthy food, then 6 New York deserves your attention! The yellow cushiony seating magnifies the soothing yet vibrant feel of the café, so much that you would like to spend your entire time here and still won’t be bored. Although it is more of a café than a restaurant, believe us, their wines, especially the dessert wine, go along so well with their sumptuous French food palette. You should definitely pay a visit here for a brunch or an evening tete-a-tete with your loved ones.

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Loulou restaurant, 107 Rue de Rivoli

‘Food is bae’- if you live by this mantra, Loulou restaurant is exactly what you need! This Italian restaurant with monochrome furniture and contrasting interior will make you slip into the lap of luxury owing to its effortless grandeur be it the ambience or menu. And not just that, the addition of green plants into the elegant ambience with romantic golden light makes this place look all the more adorable when the sun goes down. Situated on the outskirts of the city, the view of Eiffel Tower may look teeny-tiny but nonetheless, beautiful. Loulou is famous for its exquisite Italian flavours, just try the half-cooked tuna with grilled romaine heart and don’t forget their incredible wine collection, you’ll have plenty to choose from!

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So, there you go foodies, bon appétit!

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