DIY ideas for this festive season

Brown paper packages tied up with string may have been enough for Julie Andrews but perhaps it’s time to up the ante. In an age of bespoke services, courtesy everybody from Amazon to your neighbourhood store, gift wrapping is truly a lost art. It is also a joyous task, adding a special touch to show a friend or family member you truly care. Try our ideas for some personal flair this season:

In Japan, Furoshiki is a type of fabric traditionally used to wrap and transport goods. Embrace cloth this season and wrap them with Furoshiki techniques that can be tailored individually to a box, bottle or handbag. An eco-friendly option, it is a great way to convey thoughtfulness through the care and time taken. The video above provides but a peek into the world of this art; search for tutorials based on the shape of your present for a custom holiday moment.

Found objects
Remember that you don’t have to order in bulk or raid your local art store for trimmings; wrapping with found objects can help you customise without resorting to products off an assembly line. Use natural trimmings from your garden, add a bouquet of spices to the ribbon, or use baubles from costume jewelry to make your gift stand out.

Feathery flourishes
Print templates of feathers that you like and use them to make cut-outs with coloured paper or old magazines. Create interesting plumage with glue or add one to the name card for a subtle touch that instantly personalises your gift.

With glitter all over fashion runways and entering our living spaces via disco era inspiration, glitter is the easiest way to ensure you’re on trend this season. Choose dazzling sequins, monochromatic silver paper or invest in glitter ribbon for festive, ultra feminine adornment.

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