All about soft suiting, forgiving silhouettes, gentle hues and everything that says ‘gender-fluid’

Graphic Tees, slouchy slacks, camp shirts, silk trousers, cutwork sweatshirts, floral bottoms – don’t worry, Women’s Fashion Week hasn’t happened yet! We’re in fact talking about the Men’s Fashion Week that wrapped just a couple of weeks back with a coy take on sensuality and different approach on occasion appropriate clothing – while some were the boardroom silhouettes, some even had escapist tendencies – but from New York to Paris, one thing common across a number of fashion shows at the Spring Summer 2020 was the carefree view of ‘gender’. Not only did the brands like Versace and Etro made women models walk the runway wearing menswear but the soul of their very collections was to reinforce gender neutrality and give us ladies a reason enough to haul menswear sections more often.

With Louis Vuitton's soft push with pastel suiting to Versace's visibly clear gender-fluidity to Dior's gentle colour palettes. Gone is the time when menswear sections had to be restricted to the executive silhouettes and banker-like colour spectrum, SS20 has made it more romantic and free-spirited. Put it this way: Menswear is not what it used to be, proven by the fashionably employed mavens at the Spring Summer 2020 Men’s fashion week.

Explore below the picks that made our heart go swooning over the menswear fashion.

Marni’s camouflage button-down shirt and trouser set

A clear message from Marni designer Francesco Risso’s was sustainable fashion practice at the heart though but the subtle hint behind the ethical values was a collection that’s unaffected by physical appearances. Such is the camouflaged set which falls just right to seduce your artistic soul and with its tie-dye style caramel-brown hue and slouchy pockets it will surely complement your summer arsenal.

Photo credits: WWD

Dries Van Noten’s Satin bottoms

As explained by the designer, “It’s about ‘archi-fluidity’” which means it’s a fluidity of archetypes of garments and men which in a way has turned a fantastic selection of clothing for women who want lush and louche additions in their wardrobe, we certainly like the satin bottoms in electric pink, that’ll go about with just anything – lacy bralettes or colour block tops. You can also pair it with a similar tone top to go satiny-sensual head-to-toe.

Photo credits: WWD

Les Hommes’s sheer shirt

Although Les Hommes major collections suffice for sport and tailored silhouettes generally, SS20 set the mood for mid-90’s clubland style dressing with the touch of gender-neutrality with almost all outfits – we especially liked the options available for top wear, there were metallic blouses and voile shirts in vivid hues and some seriously beautiful abstract floral prints. With the beautiful coral pink colour, silky sheer fabric, and elegant detailing of pleats on the front and satin cuffs, this sheer shirt had to be in our selection.

Photo credits: WWD

Prada’s graphic bomber jacket

Bomber jacket in Spring is like teddy bear coat in winters – forever trendy and weather-appropriate. With models walking in a dark blue-lit runway reflecting the power of optimism over darkness, their options of bomber jackets with bright, quirky motifs took our eye and all we could think about were the airport looks. From milkshakes to cookies and radio systems to DVD’s – the imprinted graphics have it all.

Photo credits: WWD

Georgio Armani’s tailored blazers

The style pinnacles of tailored-clothing had a blast on the runway with Patched-colour sweaters and fine gauge knit ensembles in the non-Georgio hues but we fell in love with their unconventional styles of a blazer – the collection is probably something that can make you love Monday board meetings. Our favourite is the satiny-black blazer in carefree fit and silver one with high-notched collars and corset-like hem.

Photo credits: WWD

Valentino’s escapist tops

If scouting the women’s section for vacation wardrobe has gone boring and been-here-shopped-that for your likings, then trust Valentino’s SS20 top collection to excite the wanderlustic person in you. From exquisite tropical prints to happy-brights, we are only thinking of a vacation in these. Pair them with shorts or slouchy pants and enjoy the deservedly ease with style.

Photo credits: WWD

Fendi’s cutwork

Another holiday-esque pick is from Fendi’s fantastic curation at the Spring-summer runway which speaks of Silvia Venturini Fendi’s most bucolic of pastimes at the garden. The collection has plenty of cut-out detailed wearables from sweatshirts to shirts but we are stuck at this absolutely glam piece in pineapple yellow; sarongs are fine but wearing this at the beach has a vibe of its own.

Photo credits: WWD

Etro’s bohemian-esque trousers

Desert Saga, the entitlement given to this men’s collection was on a similar line with Etro’s spirit of hippy-vintage. The collection was a mix of cross-cultural garments where men (and women, in men’s clothes) walked from the clouds of powder hues – along with ponchos and bombers in textured prints, there were plenty of variants in trousers, which resonate with androgynous travel and adventure.

Photo credits: WWD

With so many fashion moguls constantly revolutionising the notions of androgyny, it is time to rethink your shopping destinations and enjoy the freewheeling spirit of the fluid fashion. Moreover, isn’t extracting distinct styles from menswear fashion even more interesting? Try it with SS20, if you haven’t already.

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