However controversial, when it comes to fashion, Gucci is a game changer

Gucci, over the recent years has become one of those game-changing brands, who define what is real fashion and what isn’t, often doing so by throwing light on unconventional fashion. With the creative director, Alessandro Michele, who reinvents his own concepts and designs over and over again and in his own words, "sacralises every form of diversity", the brand rose up to become what it is now. Despite the controversial beginning of the Spring/Summer 2020 show, with models in straight-jacket like apparels on moving platforms showcased as a statement on mental health, thus, creating a rage amongst the mental health fraternity, the rest of the show was stimulatingly engaging like we expect from a designer like Michele. Going for body silhouettes rather than clothes with peculiar compositional shapes, unlike his earlier works, the designer had some sensationaly appealing creations, reminding us that Gucci is a lot of things, but creatively stagnant isn’t one of them. And though the designer has riveting ideas associated to every outfit, here's a rundown of a few impeccable concepts that dictated the collection.

The Preponderance of Black

A reason that the show’s interior lighting was almost all astonishingly white, could be to showcase the use of black, a colour the designer has usually avoided. While other colours when used with a distinctive colour set a contrast, black tend to enhance the overall vibrancy of the palette. The addition of black elements like matte black chain links, chokers, black hems, and gloves into the coloured outfits, gave every look a defining edge. There were also all-black outfits with a contrasting element of red gloves!

Photo credit: Vogue

Patterned Cut-outs

Michele often uses precisely minimal quirks to an ordinary piece to give it an impressionistic element. In a similar fashion, he has used different patterned cut-outs on minimalistic monotone dresses to add sex appeal in the most modest way possible. The pattern was seen on the rather simpler dresses of the collection, over the neck, chest, and towards the side of the waist.

Photo credit: Vogue

Non-metallic Accessories

Anyone who saw the Gucci Fall/Winter 2019 show, knows that it was full of metallic add-ons like silver metallic spikes, necklaces, and even golden headgears; for the spring collection, however, the reflective materials have been put at rest. What has been introduced though is black chain necklaces attached to hefty and big sunglasses in geometric shapes and broad vinyl chokers.

Photo credit: Vogue

Sheer Fabrics

Delving into a sexier version of clothing altogether with plunge necks and lace, the collection has numerous versions of sheer dresses and skirts. Perfectly paired with high black boots and S&M inspired add-ons.

Photo credit: Vogue

Graphic Colour-blocking

However simple, the most surprising parts of the show were that of the simple colour-blocked clothing. A lack of prints was new for the brand but the colour-blocked designs bring a happy sense of nostalgia of the ’70s and ’90s.

Photo credit: Vogue

Overall looking at the collection, we would want to say that the brand's style has been different for the season, but that is just what Gucci is known for, surprising us. What do you think of this unexpected showcase?

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