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Ideas to make a personalised space for soulful conversations

As much as you love to get cosy in your bed or lounge around in your living room, patio space is equally desirable. It might be your go-to area for reunited dinners, social gatherings, a lazy afternoon in, or may we say, your secret nook to elope away from the world. The reasons are many and so are the ideas that can make your patio go from simple to sumptuous in just a few steps!

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Here is a creative mix of innovative and chic ideas that will contribute to your very own personalised patio where you can enjoy the true luxury of open space, warm air and tranquil décor.

Built-in seating for a modern twist | Elegant, attractive and contemporary; what’s better than this luxury? The best way of adopting a modern vibe is by incorporating a built-in seating nook. Depending on the look you are going for, built-in wooden or stone benches make for a quaint yet chic furniture piece. Moreover, if your deck includes a graceful curve, you can maximize the space by turning that curve into priceless seating and for that little extra comfort, we suggest placing super-comfy cushions to sink right in.

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 Add a touch of vintage with a fire pit | There is nothing that speaks of a vintage outdoorsy feel than rustic wooden furniture surrounding a fire pit - just how a picture of an ideal evening would look like! If you’re inclined towards that old-school look, the traditional boulder fire pit or the mortared flagstone fire pit is the answer. For the final touch, throw in some gravel or coarse pebbles that will complement the rustic look.

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For a rather modern touch, stainless steel fire pits are very popular. These fire pits add to a touch of modernity to the ambience and warmth to the area which creates the perfect setting to have a good time with your family and friends, especially in winters.

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 Let your patio talk comfort the most | When it comes to outdoor seating arrangements, comfort transcends all categories, we’re hinting at the humble porch swing! Sway your way into sheer relaxation on a traditional wooden swing for its undue elegance or choose a contemporary metal swing from the myriad designs available. Shall we say, there's nothing like a swing bed for an utmost comfort.

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Stunning-Stonework | If stonework is your signature style, then an elevated stone patio is the crème de la crème of modern décor. Mix it up with stones of various shapes and sizes and for that extra touch of pizzazz don’t hesitate to bring in some colour - think of an elevated patio with multi-layered patterns of stairs, absolutely stunning!

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Let there be light | Installing the right outdoor lighting can really bring the whole space together transforming your patio into a sheer paradise. As the sun sets beyond the horizon, there is nothing more striking than fairy lights dazzling in the dark and for a more festooned lighting, subtle lampshades and adjustable chandeliers will do wonders to your patio.

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All in all, don’t just aim for a stunning patio but with a few personal additions let your space reflect your style. Try it and you’ll see what we mean!

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