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Ideas to elevate your private retreat

A bedroom is your personal retreat where you unwind from the hustle of day! Who wouldn’t want it to be a luxe chamber where you could absolutely enjoy lounging in comfort and style. Below we give you some interesting ideas which will instantly elevate your bedroom while you stay aligned with the style mongers. Here we go.

Go ultra-modern

Choose the ultra-modern decor if you have a penchant for sleek aesthetics and tranquillizing ambience. We suggest Scandinavian style furniture clubbed with finely polished accents and soft pastel linens, this adds personality to your room making it a contemporary oasis. A walnut bed with the perfectly matching side tables, dusty rug, coordinating artwork and a spacious setting will definitely make for a bedroom you will love.

Photo credits: Elle Decor

Believe in monochrome elegance

With monochrome you don’t have to be quintessential about the black and white duo, rather experiment with shades and textures. As we see maximalism reigning supreme on the design charts, this year monochrome is all about dainty shades of grey with a tinge of shimmery accents. So if you like elegance and symmetry hand-in-hand, go monochrome for your bedroom and make sure you add one metallic statement piece to make it look even more stunning, take our say.

Photo credits: Elle Decor

Bring in roaring 20s with art deco

Décor inspiration from 20s can really bring a visual drama to your bedroom which is inherently luxurious and nonetheless, ultra-glamourous. If you are not among the modest homemakers, then graphic walls, geometric patterns, metallic finishes and bold colours are your thing. We suggest keeping a balance if you go overboard with bold colours and patterns on the wall, keep the other accents in soft tones and you will be surprised to see your beautiful den.

And if you love paintings, you have to have a dramatic wall-size art piece in your bedroom to not disappoint your inner Gatsby, after all a wall with the world map fresco speaks a thousand words!

Photo credits: The Spruce

Give it an edge with colours

When your room is your canvas and inspiration is Picasso, all you have to do is to look up for the most agreeable colour, going for bold or deep hues is your choice! Once you know your colour palette, next step is to bring it to life and the best way to do so is through linens, rugs and curtains; you may also experiment with wallpapers owing to myriad prints and patterns available; the right blend of colours can really make your bedroom look beyond impressive.

Photo credits: House Beautiful

While you let these ideas set the right mood for your bedroom do not forget to get yourself a chic reading nook with a cozy rocking chair and an understated floor lamp, that will make your bedroom look even more sophisticated and plush.

Go ahead ladies it’s the makeover time!

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