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Decor inspired by the old-world charm, handcraft and opulent detailing is the zeitgeist of luxury for your home – and such homes we put as ‘craftsman-style home’ where craftsmanship and grandiosity marry each other to make your retreat an emblem of prosperity. The style brings a quintessential royal vibe to your space but it’s the detailing that will make your guest skip a heartbeat – invest in velvet lounge sofas, rustic leather armchairs, floral and contemporary furnishings, baroque designs, antique accents, metallic art pieces, and a striking luminous chandelier in the entryway and you will fall in love with the beauty of lavishness, all over again. So keep the ‘essential’ mantra aside and go unabashedly superfluous with your interiors, from the bedroom to living room to the casual banquette seating space; let it all reflect the rich craftsmanship and irresistible sophistication of all things luxe.

If you like the concept as much as we do then make this Californian house (which is exclusively designed by the IDF studio) your go-to template for inspiration and give an intense luxurious update to your abode. 

Photo credits: Elle Decor

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